Letter A Activity: Apple Stamping

Working on letter recognition can be really fun. Today’s letter of the week is A and today’s Letter A activity is apple stamping. Make sure to read the entire post (even if apple stamping feels pretty basic to you) I’ve included questions to ask your little one as they paint and tips for making it a successful activity.

Letter A activity  - apple stamping

Letter A Activity: Apple Stamping

What you need: Letter A, scissors, glue, paper, paint, apple and paint brush (optional).

To prepare the Letter A; print out the Letter A, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word apple on the bottom of the paper.

Cut an apple in half and dive into this Letter A activity. Spread paint in a dish or on a paper plate for the kids to dip the apples. We used red. Green and yellow would also be great apple paint colors. You can also offer a paint brush for coating the apples before stamping them. When they press the apples onto the paper the apples will leave a cool design.

Apple stamping - Letter A activity

Questions (to ask your kids): “What do you think will happen when this apple is pressed on the paper?”  “How does the apple feel in your hand?”  “Can you think of any other words that start with an A?” (Make both A sounds and help them come up with some ideas if they have a hard time.)

Tips (to maximize learning):  1. Make sure to have a few extra sheets of construction paper, just in case the stamping is so much fun your little one wants to keep going!  2. Have your drying area ready before you start. Spread out newspaper on a nearby counter or table. 3.  Before I hung up the Letter A, after the paint dried, I went back and outlined the A with a sharpie.

Use Adventure Ally along with this activity for even more Letter A activity fun!

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This post originally appeared December 10, 2010.


  1. Such a great idea! I am starting the letter of the week with my 20 month old this week and this will be a great activity for her! Really love your blog!

  2. My little guy went off to preschool for a couple of hours today (tear) and our 2 yr. old is ready for Mommy Preschool. We are starting the letter of the week series all over again! Thanks for all of your hard work! This is such a great resource!

    1. Nicole,
      You have no idea how much I needed to read this comment! I’ve been slow going getting back into the swing of things after a little break at the end of summer. Knowing that what I do is making a difference for you helps so much. And calling it hard work makes me smile. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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