Letter I Activity: Ice Painting

It’s time for the Letter I activity! You can check out all of the letter activities shared on A Mom with a Lesson Plan.

I’ll admit this one is pretty messy. Of course I know you’re not afraid of a little mess. I’ll even give you some tips for creating a mess and cleaning up! Doing a little set up ahead of time makes the mess seems so much less messy.

Letter I Activity - Ice Painting

Letter I Activity: Ice Painting

What you’ll need:  Letter I, paper, glue, paint, ice cube tray

To prepare the Letter I Activity; print out the Letter I, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word Ice on the bottom of the paper. Fill an old ice cube tray with paint (only about 1/2 full). Let them freeze overnight, then pop out the paint cubes.

Letter I Activity - Ice Painting

Tips (to maximize learning) 1. Talk about the letter I while your little one is working. What I words can you think of? 2. Join in for the messy fun! The colors are so bright and pretty.

Tips (for successful ice painting)  1. Ice painting works best if the room is not to warm. When it’s really hot out the ice melts really fast. 2. Have a towel that you don’t mind getting covered in paint near by for wiping. 3. Lay out a mat under the work surface. We use a table cloth cut into mat size rectangles. 4. You can always opt for a less messy ice activity using the Letter I printable.

Use our homemade ice cream activity along with this activity for even more Letter I activity fun!

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This post originally appeared on March 5, 2011.


  1. I was led to your blog through Pinterest and I love it! I am doing pre-school with my girls this year. A little hint about the ice painting is to put a popsicle stick in the trays as the paint is freezing, although I’m all for more hands-on, and sensory. Just thought it would be less messy and personally for my girls, they would be sensitive to the coldness of the frozen cube.

    1. WELCOME!!! That is a great idea. Little M loves getting her hands on EVERYTHING, but Big M doesn’t really love cold. He would probably be much more interested in this if he could have a little distance.

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