Letter of the Week – Letter I Activity – Making Ice Cream

What is a better way to celebrate the Letter I than some Ice Cream?  What better way to enjoy some Ice Cream than to make it yourself? Let’s get this letter I activity under way.

I found this home made Ice Cream Recipe.  (I’ll let you head on over there for the detailed recipe.)

Letter I Activity - make your own ice cream

I started out by writing the Letter I all over the plastic bags… why not add a little letter recognition into the fun? We put all of the yummy ingredients into a little plastic bag.

Letter I Activity - make your own ice cream

Then the little bag went into the big bag… along with a lot of ice… and a little rock salt…

Letter I Activity - make your own ice cream

All that was left was a little shake, shake, shake.  (It really took less than 5 minutes… I couldn’t believe it!)  Do you see the surprise in his face?  I live for that look!

Letter I Activity - make your own ice cream

Real live ice cream! (We added a little extra sweetness… butterscotch chips.)

Tips:  1.  This is messy (and I can handle a mess!) so be ready.  I’m thinking this would be a great activity for summer when the kids can run through the sprinklers to rinse off.  2.  The kids complained about it being salty… I think next time I’ll wipe the baggies off really good before they eat.  3.  Play up the Letter I.  Use “I” words while you’re working.  Make a game of thinking of an “I” word before each bite!

Check out the Letter I Art Activity.


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