practicing BALANCE… four way relay

Balance?  What?  I know there is no lesson plan to accompany this one… yet! 😉  I have a good excuse though!

I was cleaning out my flash drive (aka sticky thing… oh yes I am extremely technical) when I came across a folder of “upcoming activities”.  This folder contains pictures I took of activities M, M and I have done over the past year and half.  They never quite fit into one of my “plans”… see I’m not plan crazy in real life (um, maybe I am).  So they ended up forgotten.  I deleted quite a few of the pictures… wow have I improved over the past year!

There were a few activities though that deserve to have their day… even if they don’t come with a full plan.  You’ll see these popping up from time to time over the next couple of weeks.  (Remember they are old… my M and M were so very little!)

Four Way Balance Relay

It was a day perfect for playing outside, and what is better for a perfect outside day than a relay?  I set up 4 stations… all focusing on balance.  Then I challenged M and M to quickly make it through each station as if they were in a race (everything is more fun when you’re in a race).

I placed two pieces of wood on the grass.  (Is that the easiest balance beam you’ve ever seen?)

Since the rice table was already out there I created a station where M and M had to work together to balance two cups on a paint stick.  TRICKY!

Of course balancing on one foot is a good skill to practice.

 A pile of wood squares worked for a “block balance station” where the kids had to balance a stack of blocks.

These pictures have me ready to create another balance relay… how about you???

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  1. This is such a fun idea! Thank you so much for linking up to the Kid’s Co-op! I’m featuring this post as one of my favorites from last week!

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