Lowe’s Creative Ideas 2′ x 2′ Challenge… a painting and a playground

There is one magazine that makes me drop everything else and come running… and lucky me it’s FREE!  The Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine arrives in the mail every so often (I don’t know how often exactly but I am always excited to see it!)  You might remember the Mixed Media Turkey we did… inspired by November’s magazine.

This month the magazine handed out a challenge.  I love a challenge… especially one that gets us creating!

The challenge was to start with a 2′ x 2′ piece of wood and create something.

I decided to make this all about M and M.  Surprised?  I set up a crafting area using just about everything I could find.

The end results are just fabulous…

Little M’s masterpiece includes a building exploding… hmmm.

Big M’s playground play mat is both really cool and functional.

But the creative process had me giddy!

Little M’s creative process has always been a full sensory experience.  She loves to mix colors and sometimes the paint never even makes it to the canvas.  While she creates she talks.  Each masterpiece is full of detail and comes with a story.

This “Explosive Painting” has already found a home in her most special place.  Little M’s “hideout” looks even better with the new painting!

Big M’s process is a little different than Little M’s.  He tends to be more mathematical with his art.  He likes to build things and often ends up with sculptures.

I glued felt onto the bottom to the board.  (To make sure our floors would be safe and the keep the playground from sliding around on the hardwood.)

I love, love, love that I can put exactly the same materials in front of M and M…. and they can create two completely different projects!

Okay it’s your turn!  You have until February 29, 2012 to get creative with your board.  Once your fabulous idea has come to life upload a picture of it onto Lowe’s Home Improvement Creative Ideas Facebook Page.  Of course you can always add the picture to my Facebook page too!

(Lowes did not pay me for this post… it was all in good creating fun.)

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