10 Incredible Outdoor Activities that will Get Kids Moving and Learning

The weather is gorgeous right now, perfect for playing outside all day. Letting the kids play, run, and explore is always at the top of our outdoor activities list. Providing them with extra learning experiences is important, too.

I’m a firm believer that kids learn more when their bodies are moving. Outdoor play is perfect for combining movement and learning. I went straight to my Outdoors with Kids Pinterest board for ideas.

If it’s cold where you are, try these outdoor activities for kids in winter.

Love this list of outdoor activities for kids! Can't wait to try #3.

10 Incredible Outdoor Activities that will Get Kids Moving and Learning

  1. Backyard Target Practice – Kids Activities Blog. All you need is a Nerf gun, some toilet paper rolls and markers.
  2. Balance Practice RelayA Mom with a Lesson Plan. Four fun ways to practice balance… relay style.
  3. DIY Mini Golf – Kix.  Golf is huge at our house. The kids (and Dad) would love this mini golf course.
  4. Giant Wooden BlocksFilthy Wizardry. I love how colorful these blocks are. They could be used for so many different things!
  5. DIY Ball RunAnd Next Comes L
  6. Photo SafariNo Time for Flash Cards. Grab the camera for a little backyard find and click. This would be a great way to explore a new park or engage the kids on a hike.
  7. DIY Sidewalk ChalkFeeling Nifty.
  8. Pendulum PlayCreative Connections for Kids. Sending the link to Hubby right now! We need a pendulum in the backyard. Oh the fun I will have planning activities!
  9. Giant Crossword Puzzle  for Kids – A Mom with a Lesson Plan. Did you get a list of words for your little one to practice spelling over the summer? We loved using the giant crossword puzzle for spelling practice.
  10. Snail RacesGo Explore Nature. My Little M is a snail lover. She names them, builds them “homes” and carries them everywhere.

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? 

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  1. garden pot bowling and science experiment:


    lots planting containers such as 2-inch, 4-inch, 1-gallon plastic pots, and heavier pots to try different experiments.
    different weights of balls, such as bouncy tiny ones, plush ones, basketball, small beach balls, heavier ones

    set up ascdending pyramids with the different sized pots
    draw different lines of proximity to test distances and speeds of bowling
    guess what each of the balls will do to the different pyramids of containers: will the bouncy ball knock over the big pots? If I’m far away, will the basketball knock down the big pots? Which won’t knock down the smallest container?

  2. These are all brilliant ideas, I can’t wait till Buddy is old enough to do them!

    We love baby bowling – stacking up teddies or cardboard boxes and letting him be a mini bulldozer. It is so much fun to watch and he absolutely loves it too!

  3. Fantastic ideas. I really liked the idea with giant wooden blocks. U think it is even possible to play giant janga with my kids =)

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