Giant Crossword Puzzle for Kids

Sight word and spelling word games are probably my very favorite kid activities. We haven’t done outside spelling or sight word practice for a while and I thought was about time (the weather is perfect for it). We loved sight word twister, so I put some thought into finding another game that I could modify using Big M spelling word list.

I decided on a giant crossword puzzle designed around his spelling words. Fun right?! I thought so…. and so did Big M.

giant sidewalk crossword puzzle for kids - great for spelling practice

Giant Crossword Puzzle for Kids

what you need:  Sidewalk chalk, a spelling list, and some paper. (This is an affiliate link if you use the links you help support Thank you!)

  • Write out the crossword on a piece of paper first. That way it’s easy to fix if you need to rearrange words.
  • Start with the biggest words and work out from there. Try to intertwine the words as much as possible… so it looks like a real crossword puzzle.
  • Write out a sentence for each word. Using the across and down method. I tried to keep the sentences as simple as possible so that Big M could read them himself. Leave a blank space in the sentence where the spelling word would have gone.

giant sidewalk crossword puzzle for kids - great for spelling practice

  • Once you have your crossword planned, it’s time to move outside. I used an old cereal box to make a square template. Mine was 4″ x 4″. It was a little small. I think next time I will make 6″ x 6″ squares.
  • Trace the template over and over to create the crossword puzzle. I started with the middle and worked out.
  • Fill in the numbers to match your across and down sentences.

giant sidewalk crossword puzzle for kids - great for spelling practice

  • Fill in a few letters just to get the ball rolling.
  • Step back a bit and let your little one have some fun practicing their spelling words.

giant sidewalk crossword puzzle for kids - great for spelling practice

Tips for Successful Set Up and Execution of this Spelling Word Activity

  • It took a pretty long time for me to get the crossword puzzle made. Long enough that Big M was hovering, anxiously. Ideally, I would have liked to get it made WITHOUT him. Next time I’ll suggest he stays inside until it’s ready.
  • Suggest your speller start with an easy one. And if they get stuck suggest they find one that has letters. Are there more letters they can fill in?
  • Add in a few words they know how to spell. This would be important for kids who get frustrated easily or who work best with a lot of wins along the way.

How to talk to kids about spelling words

  • Is this the first time they’ve seen the words or is this a list they’ve had some practice with? For a first-time run-through, point out tips for the words. Fri and end is friend. What works for you personally? I bet your kid would benefit from knowing what works for you.
  • Help figure out words that might work in the sentence. Ask how many letters a word they think might work is. Will it fit?

Does your family like crossword puzzles? Have you tried a crossword puzzle for kids?


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