Are you enjoying literature week as much as I am?  I’ve shared some of my favorite books.  It looked Like Spilt Milk activity, The Magic Tree House, and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Yesterday I had some fun searching the web for book/activity combos and linked to some great ones on my Facebook page, if you are not a fan yet…come on over.

Today’s post visits an old favorite of mine.  I grew up reading Corduroy and the book I read with my kids is the one my Dad read to me.  When our preschool was up and running we had a full lesson plan that revolved around this fun little guy.  The sun is beating down and the mud pit (and neighbors) are calling, so I think I’ll have to wait for the extended activities.  This one was perfect for a little fine motor practice while sitting under a tree.


by Don Freeman

Corduroy is a sweet little bear who sits on the shelf of  a department store.  When a little girl is about to buy him her mother mentions a missing button…calling him used.  Corduroy goes in search of a button and the story unfolds to reveal his desire to find a home.  In the end the little girl returns to bring Corduroy home.  She quickly replaces the missing button.  It is no wonder this book has followed me from childhood.  The pictures are fun and detailed.  The story is sweet and leaves you with an all over good feeling.

Sewing a Button

what you need: felt ~ buttons ~ embroidery thread ~ needle

The needle I chose was an embroidery needle, I’ve used plastic needles before and ended up frustrated.  M and M had no problem using a real needle, and it gave us some practice on how to be responsible with sewing tools.
I demonstrated how to sew on a button, and then stayed close by to help when they needed it.  Little M figured out pretty quickly how to keep the thread from coming off the needle.  I plan to bring this out again.  It is really a fun and relaxing way to practice fine motor…and celebrate one of our most loved stories.

Do you have a favorite from childhood that could come to life in your home?

This post is a part of the Literature lesson plan.

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