Literature. . .We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

There are a couple of activities that I think live in every preschool.  Bear hunt is one of them.  What better way to celebrate a week of literature then to bring home a favorite (this one should live in your “school” too!)

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Retold by Michael Rosen and Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Michael Rosen did a beautiful job with this book.  The words flow together in a sing song way.  It is easy to add dramatics (and I suggest you do) as you read about this families  search for a bear.  Each new challenge that they meet is conquered with fabulous movement and sound effects.  Visit Michael Rosen’s website and scroll down a bit.  You will find a really fun video of Mr. Rosen acting out We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Our Bear Hunt

what you need: kids . . . maybe 🙂

We have done a bear hunt so many times that I am barely necessary.  I said “Let’s go on a bear hunt”.  Big and Little M ran off and returned with supplies.  Of course these supplies are not necessary and we usually pretend play every bit.  We follow the story line, and improvise a little too.

We always pack a back pack.  Usually a pretend one!  We talk about what we will need.  Will it be cold?  Will we get hungry?  Should we bring a camera?

Little M drives us to the perfect location.

Our first challenge was a swamp full of crocodiles.  Lucky for us we have vines to help us swing across.

The mud… squishy gushy mud.

After climbing trees in the forest, wading across a shallow river, and tip toeing through a dark cave we found a….

BEAR!!!!  RUN!!!!!!!

We quickly ran back through all of the spots we had ventured until we reached our home.  Phew…safe at last!

One of the things M and M had collected before the hunt was a paper and pencil.  Great idea!  After the shock of seeing the bear had worn off they quickly started recording the events of our adventure.  Big M made a map of our trail.  I love it when they add their own learning to our process!

To add real props to this experience click the links below.

Felt Smores

Happy Hunting!

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  1. For some reason, my reader stopped your posts back in April! I decided to come see what was going on and if you were still posting, glad to know you are truckin’ right along! I will re-add your site to see if that fixes it. Now I’ll have to go back and look through your posts!

  2. What a GREAT idea! My kids love the Greg & Steve version on their Kids In Action CD. It really is a cute version. I’ll bet they’d LOVE to do this!! Thanks for sharing.

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