Copy cat… make your kids the “model”

Remember how I said I would be throwing in some random activities?  Well here’s a fun (and easy) one you can try out right away!

One day I was watching Big M draw with chalk and I decided to join in.  I didn’t say a word… just started making the same markings he was.

He giggled a little bit when he realized what I was doing but didn’t say anything.  It was so much fun…

I just had to do it again…

And again… (I can’t even tell which one of these is mine!)

Can you imagine the pride a little artist would feel to have their Mommy (aka biggest fan) copy their work mark for mark!?!?

This post is a part of the ART skills section.


  1. Such a great idea! I love it, and you’re right. What pride and affirmation our kids would feel to see Mommy copying their artwork. Can’t wait to do this with my boys today. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

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