Simple Fruit Mobile

Have you ever heard the term child directed?  Basically it is letting the kids’ interests guide their learning.  It is the very best way for kids to learn… but it is not always easy to accomplish.  This fruit mobile, provided by my Mom, is a perfect example of child directed in action!  Thanks Mom, for writing the post… but more so for being such an awesome Grandma!

It all started with a banana.

Little M got a banana off the fruit plate but not to eat.  She also got some markers and scissors.  She didn’t realize it but she was drawing a still life picture.  By the time I saw what she was doing she had a beautiful banana drawn, colored and cut out.

I put the fruit plate on the table and the still life art continued.  Big M joined in and before long we had a table full of fruit colored and cut out.

I added string, tape and a hole punch and now the project turned into a mobile.  A very fruity mobile.  We hung them with tape from the ceiling fan over the kitchen table.

Big M had worked up an appetite by the time they were done.

What a fun morning inspired by Little M’s desire to draw a banana.

For more fun with fruit… make our healthy camping snack: fruit cones.

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