Letter of the Week – Letter J – Jello

Okay I’m back to bring you the Letter J!  Did you enjoy my Mom’s posts?  I hope so!  It really helped me out…  and gave you guys some great reading at the same time.  Thanks Mom!

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

That’s right J is for Jello… slimy, jiggly, gooey JELLO!

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

I used two containers and 4 large boxes of Jello.  It took about 24 hours for the Jello to set because of the size of the container, I think. (Although Hubs thinks I did something wrong in the mixing… I refuse to admit it 😉 )  While the Jello was setting I added as many J things as I could get my hands on.

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

We dumped both containers of Jello into our empty water table.

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

M and M dug in to the gooey Jello.

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

For “J” items I used Jewels, Jacks, Jack o Lanterns, magnetic letter J and contact paper covered pictures of Cousin J and myself (Jill).

J is for Jello  - MESSY PLAY!

This activity is messy… very messy!  The great thing about Jello is that it totally dissolves in water.  So even though Jello went flying (quite literally) it disappeared when it was hit with a hose.

For those who don’t love a mess… this might be a good one to do in the tub.  Then you could just turn on the water and all the sticky mess would go right down the drain.  I AM NOT A PLUMMER!!! Please test the dissolving theory yourself before dumping 4 boxes of Jello in the tub. 🙂

For a fun J art project try Jellybean Stain Js.


  1. Wow !!! I loved this messy activity, I think this way they learn more than coloring or just writing it.

    Thanks and I hope I can receive more fun activities in my mail.

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