Letter K Activity: Key Press

For this letter of the week activity you will need to dig out some old keys. I was able to ask around and find friends willing to donate keys from their junk drawers (just in case you don’t already have extras).

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Letter K activity using keys

Letter K Activity: Key Press

What you need: Letter K, construction paper, glue, paint, a paper plate and keys.

To prepare the Letter K Activity; print out the Letter K, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word Key on the bottom of the paper.

Add paint to a paper plate. Let your little one dip the key into the paint or paint the key (or a mixture of both). Press the painted key onto the letter K.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1. Talk about the patterns design left by the keys, what’s the same and what is different. 2. Make a little experiment out of it. What makes the best print, a lot of paint or a little paint? 3. Once the paint as dried come back to the Letter K… can you match the key to the print?

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This post originally appeared on March 20, 2011.


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