Fruit Cones: Healthy Camping Snack for Kids and Adults

As I told you yesterday, we loaded up our camping gear and went camping. YAY! It was one of the those perfect camping trips that is a mixture of relaxation and fun. The kids kept themselves busy hunting snakes (only pretend of course) and rolling around in the dirt. They all came home exhausted and filthy.

We tried out a new healthy camping snack and we all loved it! I think it was one of the best camping foods we’ve tried. It was so easy to prepare, easy to serve, easy to eat and clean up. Win – win – win – win! Are you ready for the details of this awesome healthy camping snack?

Healthy Camping Snack for Kids and Adults - tired and loved!

Fruit Cones: A Healthy Camping Snack for Kids and Adults

Before we left I cleaned up and cut up grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries. Any fruit will work but the ones that don’t need to be cut of while camping are the easiest. (We had a special request for peaches… I cut those while were camping. It wasn’t a problem, but they the other fruits were used more often.)

All that was left was to scoop the fruit into the cones. No extra mess, plates or utensils. AWESOME! Plus it was an fun way to make sure the kids were snacking on healthy goodies.

More camping ideas to try and tips for camping with kids

Turn little campers into explorers.
Get in a little target practice game.
Play with firewood (before you build an actual fire). 

Ideas to try while waiting for your next camping trip…

Read some fun camping books.
Go fishing in your living room.
Build a pretend camp fire.

What makes camping extra special for your family?


  1. This looks so good and tasty too. I love this so much as it’s healthy too. I think, it’s not only healthy for kids and adult but also for everyone at any ages. Thanks for sharing the great ideas.

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