pretend CAMP fire

What would a pretend campground be without a pretend camp fire?  This homemade camp fire was so simple to put together…and I think it’s pretty darn cute!

what you need:  paper towel and toilet paper rolls ~ construction paper ~ red and orange tissue paper

I wrapped two paper towel rolls and one toilet paper roll with brown construction paper.  Attaching the paper with hot glue made it ready quickly (white glue would work as well but then you’d have to wait…and we were not patient the day we built the campsite.)  I hot glued the rolls together to form a triangle.   Then I simply stuffed some tissue paper into the middle of the triangle.

Simple, fun and ready for roasting!

This post is a part Camping Lesson plan.


    1. It’s been a real hit here. We’ve had a very busy week with visitors so it has gotten a lot of use.

  1. What a great idea! We’ve had a campsite set up in our family room for a few weeks now. This would be a perfect addition!!

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