20 Things to do in Spring with Kids

Spring is in full swing around here. Where we live the weather is nice just about all year, but in the spring we basically live outside.

Here is a list of the top 20 ways we enjoy spring.

20 Things to Do in Spring with Kids

  • Take lunch (breakfast or dinner) outside. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just throw down a blanket and plop down the lunch you’ve already made! You could make it a full-blown picnic with picnic games for kids.
  • Set up camp in the backyard. It’s fun and close to the bathroom. 😉
  • Watch the trees.  This one is full of bees at the moment. They are hard at work and so interesting to watch.  While laying there, we also saw three different types of birds and a carpenter bee.  There is so much going on right above us!
  • Take a hike. If you don’t know where the nearest hiking trails are, a quick internet search should get you where you need to go.
20 things to do in spring -- such a relaxing list

  • Enjoy a spring scavenger hunt to really help you enjoy all the elements of this time of year.
  • Smell the flowers. Do they all smell the same? What words can you use to describe each smell? Did it smell like you expected?
  • Go to the Zoo. This weather is perfect for a trip to the zoo. You can stay all day and never be too cold or too hot!
  • Plant a garden. Then enjoy it, tend to it, and eat the yummy goodies! Here are easy veggies to grow with kids. (Thanks Picklebums!)
  • Bring a magnifying glass outside and see what exciting creatures you can find in your yard.
20 things to do in spring -- such a relaxing list

  • Make a mud/dirt pit for the kids to dig in. This one took my husband one day to make. Isn’t he just awesome!!!  Then play in the mud!
  • Have a mini party and make friendship cookies, then enjoy them while playing outside.
  • Take some books outside and read in the shade.
  • Bring some of your learning activities outside. Here is a collection of fun spring STEM activities perfect for the back porch.
  • Make a backyard volcano.
20 things to do in spring -- such a relaxing list

  • Wrestle in the grass.
  • Give the dogs a bath. (Knowing that they will just be wrestling around in the grass again.) 
  • Become backyard explorers.
  • Be prepared for rain with some rainy day activities. That way, you can get right out in it or cuddle up inside and enjoy it.
20 things to do in spring -- such a relaxing list

What things do you like to do in spring?


  1. So many great ideas – at the moment we are still very into the winter wet weather outdoor play 🙁 – so very different to last year when we had already filled the paddling pool up a few times

  2. Can you explain what your husband did to make the sand box?! It’s exactly what I’m wanting I just have no clue where to start 🙂

  3. We are thinking of building a diamond block sandbox too! Yours looks great! But we are wondering if the diamond blocks are too rough for the littles. Have any kids fallen and hurt themselves on the blocks? Are you glad you chose diamond block or do you wish you had done something else?

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