Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Kids To Keep Them Safe and Entertained

Smartwatches have become integrated with daily life for many around the world. It is a natural purchase for adults to help connect them to their phones and keep them organized.

It may not seem obvious, but a smartwatch is also an excellent option for kids. You will be able to communicate with them, keep track of where they are when they aren’t with you, and control what capabilities the watch has from your phone in many cases.

You’ll want to consider how to limit their usage, so it doesn’t become another distraction that adds to their screen time each day. However, the upside is having peace of mind in knowing where they are and who they are communicating with. It also teaches kids how to message and contact people appropriately from a young age in a controlled group of contacts.

These watches are great for keeping your little one entertained as well. Many of them have cameras and games to keep them busy. The fitness-focused watches have exercise games to get the kids moving as well.

There are pros and cons to getting a watch for your child but if you choose to make a move, make sure you choose the one that best fits your child’s needs.

But how will you know what smartwatch will be best for your child? There are so many options for kids, tweens, and teens. Comparing each model’s features and price is the best place to start.

What Should You Consider When Starting To Look at Smartwatches for Kids?

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget should always be one of the first things you consider with a possibly large purchase. Many of these watches are affordable, and if one works for your child, the lower sticker price is always a plus!

Aside from how much you want to spend, you will want to consider what features you are looking for in a watch for your child and compare the prices to determine how much you should pay. Do you need a watch with all the fancy features? Or is a more basic model best for your child?

Do You Want It To Have Cellular Capabilities?

Cellular connectivity is helpful if you want to use the watch to communicate with your child. If you have a younger child and want the ability to track them on GPS, you may not need it. You will have to consider what options you and your child will use.

What Smartwatches Have The Features You Are Looking For?

The age range is one thing to keep an eye on for each watch. It will help you determine if it will be too complicated or if it will be simple and easy for your little one to learn to use. 

The features and designs vary from watch to watch, so think about what you want, and look for those features as you go through the list.

1. Best Value on a Budget: Kurio Glow Smartwatch for Kids

This watch is a great budget-friendly starter for kids ages four and up. It will be aesthetically pleasing to your little ones because it lights up as they use the games and activities that come with features. For only $26, it’s a steal!

They can pair their watch with a friend using Bluetooth for games. They can also have fun taking selfies with frames and filters using the camera on the face of the watch.

Other great features they can utilize with this smartwatch are the activity tracker, as well as over 20 games and apps. They can listen to music, use the stopwatch, fill in and check their calendar, and use the calculator. It is also easy to charge using a micro USB charger, and the battery will last about a day, based on reviews online.

It doesn’t have cellular capability for Wi-Fi, but it connects via Bluetooth. This is a good option for your little ones to learn how to use and take care of their smartwatch. As they get older, they will be able to grow into other watches with more features.

2. Best Smartwatch for The Little Ones: Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This watch is an excellent starter for your little ones, ages four and up. It only costs $59. They will be able to have fun with all of the great features, such as games, a calendar, an alarm, and a timer. They can also take selfies with frames and filters that you can upload onto the computer, and they can take videos. There is also a motion sensor so you can track their activity and make it a game to get their steps in! This watch also comes in various colors so that they can pick their favorite, and it’s easy to charge using a micro USB. The battery will last for 2-3 days.

This watch does not have cellular capability or Wi-Fi, so you won’t be able to track or communicate with your child. However, it is a great starter option to teach responsibility before you upgrade to a more expensive watch with more features.

3. Best for Tweens and Teens: Apple Watch SE

When it comes to your tweens and teens, you will typically want a watch with the best features so they will be happy using it, and you will have the capabilities you need to control their access, communicate with them, and track their whereabouts. This option is excellent, but it is priced at $249.

The age range suggested for this smartwatch is 12+ because it has thousands of options and features. When you use the Family Setup, you will be able to control the parental controls from your phone, so they won’t need a phone to use the watch.

Your child’s watch will get its phone number through your wireless carrier if you purchase the option with the phone plan, but you will be able to control who your child can contact using their smartwatch. You can also limit your child’s access to features the watch provides during school hours, so it doesn’t become a distraction for them. There are so many features on this watch. We have barely scratched the surface! Take a look and see if this is what you need for your tween or teen to use and enjoy.

4. Best Overall and Most Durable: TickTalk4

This watch is rated most durable and best overall because it has excellent features and is listed online for $170 with a coupon. Without the coupon, it runs for $200. It has cellular and video messaging capabilities, so it is an excellent option if you want to use it to communicate with your child and keep track of where they are.

It is recommended for children ages 6 to 12 and is great for parents looking for more features without the high cost of some of the other smartwatches with similar features.

This smartwatch works with plans on T-Mobile and AT&T to give it the ability to make video calls, voice calls, and send text messages. It has two cameras, emergency calling features, and the ability to stream music if you have iHeartRadio Family access.

Another crucial feature of this watch is the parental control settings. You will be able to set more than 20 parental restrictions. One of the most important is the ability to limit access to who your child can contact using their watch. You will also be able to restrict your child’s access for searching the internet, including social media access.

The GPS feature can also track your child’s whereabouts and follow their route, so you know where they are and where they have been without you.

5. Great For Verizon Users: Verizon GizmoWatch 2

The design of this watch is focused on communication with your child as well as tracking their location. It is designed for kids and is recommended for ages 6-12. It is listed at $99 a month and is recommended for Verizon customers as it is a Verizon product.

It has a basic design to make it easy for kids as young as six and has parental controls, so your child can only contact the people you set on their contact list. It comes with texting and calling features. Your child can make calls and send text messages using their smartwatch. All you will need is an additional phone number with Verizon to get it going. The battery is easy to charge using a micro USB and will last about four days. So you won’t have to worry about charging it daily like you would with some other watches.

There are other basic options for your child to use on this watch, including a to-do list and step counting option. You will also have the opportunity to set “Quiet Mode” when you want to minimize distraction with the watch in places like school.

6. Best Watch For T-Mobile Users: SyncUP Kids Watch

This watch is best for T-Mobile customers, as it is only available in stores for their customers. It is listed for ages 5- 11, primarily for communication and tracking. It is priced at $175 with a monthly charge of $10 for the phone line it will be attached to.

It has texting and emergency call features, and although it doesn’t support video calling, you can use it to communicate with your child when you are not with them. You will also be able to control who your child can contact using parental controls, and it has a basic camera.

7. Best Option For Fun: Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot

This watch is excellent if you want a portable activity for your child rather than something for communication and tracking. It is recommended for children aged six. It doesn’t have cellular capability, but it does have Wi-Fi capability if it is close to the source.

It has over 100 expressions on its face, and it even giggles! Your little one will have hours of fun taking selfies, playing educational games, and using the other features that come with the watch, such as the pedometer, calendar, alarm clock, and timer. The parental controls allow you to set a timer for how long your child can use it daily. It is easy to charge using a micro USB, and the battery will last about five days. This is a perfect starter watch for your little one!

8. Best Watch For Health Tracking And Emergency Calls: Angel Watch

This watch has excellent calling, location, and health-tracking features. It is listed for $179 and is recommended for ages 7-12. It has GPS tracking and Geofencing abilities, vital sign readings, a listen-in feature for parents, and video calls. You can control who your child can contact from the watch using parental controls.

It may not have all the games and high-end features, but it is excellent for making sure you can communicate with your child, and you will be able to make sure your child is healthy and safe. What more can you ask for?

You will also be able to track your child’s steps and calories burned for the day! The battery will last about 48 hours, so you won’t have to worry about charging it daily, which is an additional plus.

9. Best Watch For Active Play: Xplora X5 Play

This watch focuses more on activity and helping your child have fun with movement. It is listed for $149 and is suggested for children ages 5-12. This watch is an excellent option if you are looking for a GPS tracker and games to keep your child busy and active.

The battery will last about 24 hours which is more than enough time to have fun and interact with it throughout the day, and it’s waterproof to 3 feet!

10. Best Activity Tracker: Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker For Kids

This option is more of an activity tracker than a smartwatch, but it is more budget-friendly at $60 than the Xplora X5 Play at $149, which has more advanced features. This tracker is best designed for children ages 6-12 but has very similar characteristics to the adult version of the Fitbit. It tracks your child’s steps and sleep patterns. What makes it different from the adult version is instead of tracking calories and focusing on weight loss, it focuses on your child’s activities by helping motivate them to move and do activity challenges during the day. It may not have communication features, but it’s great if your child is active or if you are trying to promote a more active lifestyle for them. It’s also an excellent starter watch option to see how your little one does with a less expensive device.

Your Child’s Smart Watch

There are many great options for choosing the best smartwatch for your child. It can be overwhelming if you don’t compare what you need and don’t need for your child.

Remember that the best way to make your choice will be to compare the prices and features of each smartwatch you look at for your child, and you will be able to pick the one that best fits your child’s unique needs.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.

Author: Farah Zeb

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