Keepsake Spring Drawing for Kids on a Shower Curtain

Whenever we can use kids art to make a keepsake I’m happy. Especially if I’m the one who gets to keep it. I am in love with the spring shower curtain the kids made. Every single time I walk in the bathroom it makes me smile. It was so simple and came together so quickly. I’m planning to label it with the date and store these special drawings to come out every spring! Maybe we’ll even fill in a little more space next spring.

Spring drawing for kids on a shower curtain. What a fun decoration!  (1)

Spring Drawing for Kids: Keepsake Shower Curtain

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What you need: a shower curtain and permanent markers.

I wanted this to be creative, fun and collaborative. To start the project off, I drew 2 sets of big circles. I overlapped them. This made six drawing spaces.

Spring drawing for kids on a shower curtain. What a fun decoration!  5

Little M and Big M were assigned two spaces they could decorate however they chose. Those spaces would be just for them.

Spring drawing for kids on a shower curtain. What a fun decoration!  (2)

The center spaces were for collaborative drawing. On one of the collaborative spaces I had Big M draw first (keeping in mind that Little M would be adding to his art in that space). On the other collaborative space I had Little M go first with the same idea.

Beautiful right??? And such a fun way to get the kids working together on a sibling project.

How to Talk to Kids about their Spring Drawings

  • I wanted a spring theme on the shower curtain BUT I didn’t want to tell them what to draw. We talked a lot about what happens in spring. What the weather is like in spring, what types of things we do in spring and spring books we’ve read. Then I asked them to draw spring pictures.
  • Collaborative drawing is a great way to get kids working on something together, but it can also be a little tense if it’s a brand new idea. Keep the conversation positive. Ask questions about what empty space they will leave for the other artist. What are they excited about seeing from their sibling?
  • When the art work is done have them both describe it together. Ask questions about each of their perspectives. “Your brother used dark blue here, he was inspired by the sky. Is that how you saw it when you came to add this yellow here? Or was your vision different? Tell me about it.”


  1. Awesome! I have been trying to figure what to put in their bathroom once it is finished! Now I just need a plain white one for them to draw on!

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