Flower Pot Dessert – Easy Spring Dessert for Kids

One of my favorite childhood memories is eating dirt for dessert. There was a restaurant that served a flower pot dessert for kids. It was such a fun, silly and yummy treat. Who get served dirt? In a flower pot? And then loves it? Well kids of course.

Now that I’ve made them I know they are also super easy (and still super fun). YAY! Mark this one an easy spring dessert for kids that we will make again and again!

easy spring dessert for kids - flower pot pudding

Flower Pot Dessert- Easy Spring Dessert for Kids

what you need: clay potssilk flowerspuddinggummy wormschocolate cookies (These links are all affiliate links, if you use the links you help support amomwithalessonplan.com. Thank you! I bought the pots and the flowers at a dollar store, you can probably find them at a craft store as well.)

easy spring dessert for kids - flower pot pudding

  • Wash the pots and the flower stems.
  • Stick a piece of the cookie to the bottom of the pot.  This will cover the hole and keep the pudding from slipping through.
  • Make the pudding and scoop it into the pots.

easy spring dessert for kids - flower pot pudding

  • Put the chocolate cookies into a plastic bag.  Smash a little. We had fun figuring out the “best” way to smash a cookie. (We used Oreo cookies, the centers made the mixtures a little creamy. Next time we might try just the cookie part).
  • Scoop the cookie crumbs on top of the pudding.

easy spring dessert for kids - flower pot pudding

  • Stick a pretty spring flower in.
  • Place a worm, digging it’s way out of the pudding.
  • Have fun eating dirt with the kids! Yum, I love that part.

Did you enjoy flower pot dessert as a kid? Have you ever made this easy spring dessert for your kids?

This post originally appeared on April 19, 2011. As I was updating it, I decided this would make a great gift to deliver to our neighbors.

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  1. how cute! ive seen this done in a magazine a few years back…the only difference is that they used a clear vase and added “worms” throughtout the vase..so that it looked like it was infested with worms…kind of gross..but kids loved it 🙂

  2. Love this! I am thinking this would be so much fun as a spring birthday party activity!!! Thanks for posting about this yummy dessert. I forgot how much I loved these from childhood!

  3. Have only ever made the large pot version. These are so cute.
    Am thinking of making them for an Easter yummy dessert as we don’t do a lot of candy.
    Thanks so much !!

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