60 Rich Music Riddles with Answers for Kids PRINTABLE

Finding the right riddle for the right time is a wonderful feeling. These music riddles are great for music class, new musicians, or anyone craving a bit of musical fun in their life.

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Music Riddles

Music Riddles

  • Riddle: I have a scroll but no quill. I have a neck and ribs but no legs. I have a saddle but no horse. I have a bridge but no water. What am I? – Answer: A Violin. 
  • Riddle: I am at the beginning of a phrase. I am at the end of a harp. I appear only once on a xylophone and twice on bagpipes. What am I? – Answer: The letter P. 
  • Riddle: I can bring you joy or sorrow or everything in between. None have seen, smelt, or felt me, yet many still know what I am. I have many types, but I am really just one thing. What am I?- Answer: Music.
  • Riddle: My scale is something that does not weigh in grams, ounces, or pounds. However, I may be heavy or light. What am I? – Answer: Music scales.
  • Riddle: I cannot be felt, seen, or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music. What Am I? – Answer: I’m a Soul.

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  • Riddle: I am black and white, I have strings, I have keys, I make sound without my lips, I make dough with no flour. What am I? – Answer: Piano
  • Riddle: l am silver and narrow; l am not made of wood, but a woodwind I am. I play sweet, high melodies. What am I? – Answer: Flute.
  • Riddle: I work when I play and play when I work. What am I? – Answer: Musician.
  • Riddle: I can soothe you or drive you nuts. I can be quiet but also blare in your ears. What am I? – Answer: Music.
  • Riddle: Fred is listening to the radio when it suddenly stops playing. Nobody is with Fred, and nobody touches the radio. A few seconds later, the radio resumes playing. How can this be? – Answer: Fred was driving his car through a tunnel.
  • Riddle: I am a fruit. If you take away the first letter of my name I become a crime. Take away the first two letters of my name I become an animal. Take away the first and last letter of my name and I become a form of music. What am I? Answer: Grape.
  • Riddle: Hold these between your knees if you want to set a Cuban beat. Answer: Bongos.

Riddle: What word is that, which, deprived of its first letter, leaves you sick? Answer: Music.

  • Riddle: My scale is something that does not weigh in grams, ounces, or pounds. However, I may be heavy or light. What am I? Answer: Music scales.
  • Riddle: I cannot be felt, seen or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music. What Am I? Answer: I’m a Soul.
  • Riddle: I have a bridge but no water flows, strings, but no arrows. What am I? Answer: A guitar. 
Music Riddles
  • Riddle: What comes in many varieties and can’t be seen or touched, but it often makes you move. Answer: Music.
  • Riddle: I have a thumb and pinky ring but no fingers. I have a bell but no steeple. I have a brace but no mouth. What am I? Answer: A trumpet
  • Riddle: Play my music, if you dare. Turn my crank, although I’m square. Stand back, or get a scare, when you see my surprising glare. What am I? Answer: Jack-in-the-Box.
  • Riddle: I can soothe you, or drive you nuts. I can be quiet, but also blare in your ears. What does this? Figure that out, and you have found out the riddle. Answer: Music ( ROCK!!!! or classical)
  • Riddle: If a band plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? Answer: The conductor.

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  • Riddle: In a hall of echoes, I command with grace, yet not a single note I play in this space. My arms dance, but my voice is still, who am I, leading with silent skill? Answer: Conductor
  • Riddle: Heard by all, seen by none, in every genre, I’ve spun. I’m not a player, but I create the sound, in every track, I am found. Answer: Composer
  • Riddle: With no drum in hand, I keep the time, in every genre, with rhythm and rhyme. Invisible, yet my presence is key, Who am I, can you see? Answer: Metronome.
  • Riddle: In the music, I am not a sound, yet without me, chaos is found. I tell when to stop and when to go, in silence, my presence I show. Answer: Rest
  • Riddle: In every song, my voice is clear, yet no one sees me standing near. I lift the melody, rich and grand, who am I, without a band? Answer: Harmony
  • Riddle: I don’t play an instrument, yet I create the beat, in studios and stages, I’m often discreet. Crafting rhythms that make you move your feet, Who am I, behind the musical feat? Answer: Music Producer

Riddle: I am the largest drum in an orchestra. What am I? Answer: A bass drum.

  • Riddle: I sit on the floor, you sit in a chair. You played with a bow that’s made of horse hair. I’m played in an orchestra, a nice wooden fellow. My name is five letters that is _____. Answer: Cello
  • Riddle: I tell stories, old and new, in every song, I whisper to you. Eternal and deep, my words do flow, who am I, that shapes what you know? Answer: Songwriter.
  • Riddle: Not bound by style, I roam free, from jazz to rock, all facets of me. I blend and bend, with versatility’s power, Who am I, in music’s every hour? Answer: Multi-genre.
  • Riddle: Behind the tune, I subtly lie, enhancing the song, low or high. Not the lead, but just as vital, Who am I, in music’s recital? Answer: Background Vocals
  • Riddle: I don’t have a voice, but I sing a song, you can follow me, but not for long. In every tune, I lead the way, who am I, bright as day? Answer: Melody
  • Riddle: With no brush or canvas, I create a scene, invisible strokes in the air, so keen. I guide the music with a silent art, who am I, playing my part? Answer: Conductor
  • Riddle: In the room, my voice bounces high and low, creating a sound that seems to glow. I’m not a singer, but I make the music rich, who am I, with this sonic switch? Answer: Echo (Acoustics)
  • Riddle: I am a craftsperson who makes and fixes stringed musical instruments. Who am I? Answer: A luthier
  • Riddle: There are as many constellations in the sky as there are keys in a piano. What number am I? Answer: 8
Music Riddles
  • Riddle: I am a very prominent instrument in many musical cultures. But I lost my hype after Marie Antoinette’s popularization of me as a woman’s pastime. What am I? Answer: A harp
  • Riddle: I am like a half-sized flute belonging to the family of wind musical instruments. In Italian, my name translates to “little.” What am I? Answer: Piccolo
  • Riddle: I am a musical instrument of the brass family. My name has an Italian origin that means a “large trumpet.” What am I? Answer: A trombone
  • Riddle: You will find something common between an elephant and me. In an orchestra, I am the strongest musical instrument. What am I? Answer: A trumpet
  • Riddle: I have two concave shells joined by a string. You will mostly associate me with Flamenco music. What am I? Answer: A castanet.

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  • Riddle: I am so “Stressed Out” that I want to go on a “Ride” wearing a “Jumpsuit.” Who am I? Answer: 22 Pilots
  • Riddle: I know that “Girls Like You” don’t use the “Payphone” and so I will come and see you “Sunday Morning” when it’s bright “Daylight.” Who am I? Answer: Maroon 5
  • Riddle: I am the largest of all brass instruments and yet I have the lowest pitch. What am I? Answer: A tuba
  • Riddle: I am a wooden stringed instrument with the longest bow. You will find me in an orchestra. What am I? Answer: A viola
  • Riddle: I have a set of five horizontal lines with printed dots and sticks. Musicians would be pretty much lost without me. What am I? Answer:Staff notation.
  • Riddle: We are a trio of notes. Belonging to the key of A major, we have to be sung or played sharp. Who are we? Answer: F, C, and G.
  • Riddle: I am a proponent of music with terms like largo, presto, and allegro related to  me. What am I? Answer: Tempo
  • Riddle: I don’t have feet, yet I dance all day, in every beat, in a rhythmic ballet. I make the music come alive, Who am I, helping you jive? Answer: Rhythm
  • Riddle: I am a series of musical notes with 12 major and 3 minor types. What am I? Answer: Scale
  • Riddle: I sing without a mouth, echo without a voice. From vinyl to digital, I’m everyone’s choice. In rooms, I live, in memories, I thrive. Answer: A recorded song.

Music Riddles
  • Riddle: I move without feet, in rhythm so neat. In every tune, my presence you meet. Felt in the heart, seen not in part. Answer: The rhythm of a song.
  • Riddle: What is a loud music instrument that you have in your ears? Answer: Drums
  • Riddle: I’m a box that sings, but I don’t have a mouth, I can play tunes from the north to the south. Hold me close and hear my sound, Who am I, with music that’s round Answer: Accordion
  • Riddle: I am walking up the “Stairway to Heaven” but while I do it, I feel all dazed and confused. Who am I? Answer: Led Zeppelin.
  • Riddle: I leap across scales, from line to space, guiding the tune’s tempo and pace. A traveler in sound, but never at rest, Who am I, in music’s quest? Answer: Musical Note
  • Riddle: “A Sky Full of Star” is all I want. My “Daddy” says that I can only find it is “Paradise.” Who am I? Answer: Coldplay
  • Riddle: My words sing, though my voice is mute, in every song, my essence takes root. Crafting stories in tunes, but never heard, Who am I, a songbird’s word? Answer: Songwriter
  • Riddle: I can play music but not an instrument, i have no voice nut i am well heard what am i? Answer: A stereo

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