Gingerbread Jokes for Kids

Nothing says Christmas like Gingerbread. Here are some gingerbread jokes the whole family can enjoy.

You’ll find gingerbread man jokes and gingerbread house jokes too. 

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Ginger bread jokes

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Gingerbread Jokes

  • What kind of music do gingerbread people listen to? – Gingerbread house!
  • Why did the gingerbread boy stay home from school? – Because he felt crumby!
  • Why do basketball players like gingerbread cookies? – Because they can dunk them.
  • What does gingerbread do after it’s done baking? – Loaf around.
  • What do you sing when gingerbread cookies are in the oven? – Jingle smells, jingle smells…

Gingerbread jokes

Gingerbread Man Jokes

  • What does the gingerbread man sleep on? – Cookie sheets.
  • What did the gingerbread man say at his job interview? – I just really feel like I’m cut out for this position.
  • What type of glasses do gingerbread men wear? – Eye candy.
  • What did the doctor say to the injured gingerbread man? – Why don’t you try icing it?
  • Why did the Gingerbread Man decide to wear pants? – He thought he had crumby legs.
  • Why are there gingerbread men but not gingerbread women? – It’s the pastryarchy.

Gingerbread House Jokes

  • Why did the Gingerbread house go to the dentist? – He had gingervitis.
  • What’s the best thing to put into a gingerbread house? – Your teeth.
  • What did the baker say when his gingerbread house burned down? – Dang that cost me a lot of dough.

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