Turkey Jokes and Turkey Puns the Whole Family Will Gobble Up

When the family comes together to celebrate. A good collection of jokes can be the perfect addition. These turkey jokes and turkey puns will get the family laughing together.

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Turkey jokes

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Turkey Jokes for the Whole Family

  • Why does the turkey prefer using Android? – Because he likes to say google google.
  • Why did the turkey say no to dessert? – He was already stuffed.
  • What do you call a running turkey? – Fast food
  • Why are movies starring a turkey rated R? – Because of their fowl language.
  • What is a turkey called on the day after Thanksgiving? – Lucky.
  • What is the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner? – A tur-key
  • If you cross a turkey with some corn and veggies, what do you get? – Enough food for Thanksgiving.
  • What wish did the turkey make on his birthday? – That people find another entree for Thanksgiving.
  • Why did the police arrest the turkey? – They suspected fowl play.
  • What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day? – Quack, quack!
  • What’s the best song to play while cooking a turkey? – All About That Baste.
  • What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert? – Peach gobbler!
  • Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building? – Of course! Buildings can’t jump.
  • What key won’t open any door? – A turkey.
  • What did the leftover turkey say? – Make me a sandwich!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Annie. Annie who? Annie body seen the turkey?
  • What do turkeys like to do on sunny days? – Have peck-nics!
  • Why did the turkey cross the road? – He wanted people to think he was a chicken.
  • What do you call a rude turkey? – A jerk-key.
Turkey jokes

Turkey Puns Perfect for Thanksgiving

  • I’m fowling for you!
  • Your henwriting has improved.
  • This stuffing is tur-key to success.
  • That was hen, this is now.
  • No fowl play.
  • Chick or treat!
  • Like feather, like son.
  • Forever hounding for leftovers to tur-keep for later…
  • You hold the tur-key to my heart!
  • The runaway turkey looked a little smir-key.

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