14 Simple Preschool Science Experiments

Science is one of my favorite ways to play with the kids. We did so many fun and simple science experiments during their preschool years. Rounding up activities for this post was great because it gave me a chance to look back and remember just how little they used to be.

These activities don’t take much planning and include tips for how to talk to kids about what is happening. Enjoy!

simple preschool science experiments - great for at home

14 Simple Preschool Science Experiments

  1. Bring the science play outside with a backyard volcano. You can use a sandbox or a dirt area. (Add toy dinosaurs for some pretend play fun.)
  2. Have you played with cornstarch  and water? It’s messy, for sure, but it’s also a fantastic way for kids to play with liquid vs. solid. The plus is, a hose fixes the mess in seconds.
  3. Take advantage of a rainy day with a rain experiment or…
  4. or a scientific rain walk. (These two simple preschool science experiments hold some of my very best memories.)
  5. Have you ever tried a science day? We had so much fun with our egg  experiment event.
  6. For those girly scientists… start with an experiment and end with a pretty bracelet.
  7. Match a good book with some simple science fun. You Can’t See Your Bones with Binoculars is a great way to learn about body parts.
  8. Mix science and pretend play with a weather sensory tray.
  9. Science is extra fun when you get to be the sun dial!
  10. If you have a bug lover (I DO!) growing a butterfly or a moth is something you have to try.
  11. Similar to the rain experiment, testing the absorbency of materials is a fun and simple way to play with science!
  12. Play around with how different foods cook. (There’s even a printable!)
  13. Let the sun do the work while you experiment with melting crayons.
  14. Use this HANDS on experiment to show why hand washing is so very important.

 Now it’s your turn… what is your favorite simple science activity?


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  2. My son is 26 months and we did the rain experiment and to my surprise he was able to answer correctly. Again 2 months later, I asked him if he remembered the experiment . He quickly pointed out that I had missed out on mentioning ‘cloth’ which had been included in the experiment ! Such wonderful ideas for those curious minds. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog 🙂

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