Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t love to play in the rain?  We had a great time walking, splashing, and learning in a downpour over the weekend.  Lucky for me, Auntie L took over the instruction, and I was able to stay behind the camera.

Once you’re back inside and all dried off try creating a rain cloud in a jar.

Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

what you need:  small objects, full gutters

We gathered objects from around the house.

Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

We played around by dropping the objects into gutters.  Some gutters were flat, and some gutters were on a  slight slope.  Some gutters had a little bit of water, some gutters were filled with water racing downhill.

Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

Once we had some practice with the objects and the streams, we decided to use what we’d learned and have a little rain experiment. We would race our objects down a flowing gutter. Big M picked our course and we each picked our players.

Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

Can you guess which object was the fastest?  Auntie L won with the stick of fake butter.  My penny didn’t even finish, sunk right to the bottom. (Does that sound planned?)

We had so much fun, learned a little and ran off some excess energy.  Oh I love a rainy day!

Questions (to ask your kids):  “What is the difference between the object that moves the fastest and the one that moves the slowest?”  “Does the object move the same no matter how it is pointed?”  “Does the hill slope change the speed of the object?”

Tips (to maximize learning):  1.  I had the activity planned and ready for the perfect rainfall.  Not enough rain and the gutters would be empty.  Too much rain and it would be a miserable walk.  I kept an eye on the window and when I thought the timing was perfect we were ready to go.  2. I planned ahead.  I had towels and robes waiting at the front door.  I left the wet clothes on the porch, wrapped M and M, then it was off to a nice warm bath!

Rain Experiments for Kids: Flowing Objects

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