WEATHER…umbrella craft

Did I just say umbrella craft.  You read that right, this is a craft.  Of course crafts are not the type of art you will usually find here at amomwithalessonplan.  This fun activity came from Big M’s home-school work, and I thought it was so cute I just had to pass it on.  So enjoy it, and we’ll get back to my kind of art next time!  (PS… please let me know if you are confused about the difference between art and craft.    That just might make for a great post!)

Umbrella Craft

what you need:  cotton swabs ~ blue food coloring ~ water ~ paper plate ~ construction paper ~ markers ~ pipe cleaner ~ scissors ~ glue

Clip the ends of a handful of cotton swabs.  (It was a little hard to do… so it’s probably best for an adult to cut them.)  Soak them in a little bit of water and some blue food coloring in a cup.   The longer they soak the brighter the blue RAIN DROPS will be.

Dry the rain drops on a paper towel while you make the umbrella.

For this craft I cut the Umbrella… but really I would normally ask the kids to cut an umbrella shape out of a paper plate.  Then they were free to decorate the umbrella however they wanted.

Glue the umbrella top into place and then glue a pipe cleaner as the handle.   All that’s left is to add in the rain!

We talked about where the rain would be on the picture.  “Would you find rain next to the handle?”  “How about above the umbrella?”

So there is my craft.  How did you like it?  You probably won’t see another one for quite some time. 😉

This post is a part of the Weather lesson plan


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