WEATHER blog hop… sun and shade experiment

My plan was a fun experiment about evaporation… we ended up with a fun temperature experiment instead.

Little M put exactly the same amount of water into two separate  water bottles.

She poured one water bottle in a pie tin that we placed in the sun.

She poured one water bottle in a pie tin that we placed in the shade.  I asked Little M what she thought would  happen.  Would there be any difference between what happened to the water in the sun and the water in the shade?  (I was hoping the water in the sun would evaporate while the water in the shade didn’t.)  Then we waited…. while we waited my phone rang.  DANG THE PHONE!

In went her hand.  Again and Again.  Shoot!  Water splashed out and our experiment was ruined.  As a true scientist does, Little M made the best of the situation and started investigating the water on a different level.

Hmmm… this one is hot.  We talked about the temperature of both tins of water.  Little M even made some predictions of what she thought would happen with the temperature if the tins sat even longer.

All in all, I was really happy with the outcome.  With Little M in the lead we are all sure to learn something!

This post is a part of the WEATHER lesson plan and would be a great addition to our summer bucket list bucket.

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  1. A temp experiment is as good as any! And as valuable- Not to mention, pure fun. Score on all fronts. 🙂

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