Tinkering for Kids

Remember how I told you that I had a bunch of posts that didn’t fit into a Lesson Plan?  Well this is the last one of the bunch.  There was the Balance Relay and Copy Cat.  Today is all about tinkering.  So get your tools ready.

**** IMPORTANT!  Pay attention to the pieces while your kids are tinkering.  Some items are sharp, contain small pieces or have parts that could be dangerous!****

We started with an old waffle iron… and some tools.

M and M quickly found out that there is not much to a waffle iron.

So… beat it with a hammer.  That’s what I always say.  Of course I’m not actually allowed to use tools, so don’t listen to me.  (More on that tomorrow!)

Fine motor skills hard at work!

This broken phone was way more fun.

Just look at all those cool parts!

Have you let your kids take anything apart?  What was it and how did it go?

This is a FINE MOTOR skill activity.


  1. What a really really fantastic idea! To just stand back and let them take charge of learning by doing. So many kids miss out on these simple yet brilliant activities to lead them to discovery by their very own hands! You sound like a very cool mom! I am heading to my local thrift store to buy some old thing for my daughter to take apart and see the innerds of some item, very awesome!

    1. I can’t wait to hear what she takes apart! Please come back and tell me how it goes. (I think I’m a cool mom… ummm on most days.) 😉

  2. I forgot to share something that is sorta similar. I just bought a flashlight from the dollar store and some DD batteries and will put it on a shelf for my daughter to figure out how to 1) open the top and 2) put the batteries in the correct way (with out me showing her) and 3) how to turn it on herself and what a surprise for her when she figures it out, she will be thrilled that she caused this thing to glow! (she is 2.4 and is thrilled by these little things!) Of course I will be supervising this activity with quiet observation because of the batteries.

  3. My 15 year old and my 5 year old have always loved tinkering. My 13 year old is not as interested though. I always think it’s fun to watch them figure out how to take the item apart and then the thrill of seeing what it looks like on the inside.

  4. Great idea! Not only are you promoting fine motor skills, but you are also working on science and engineering skills. Nicely done. 🙂

  5. We have done this at our preschool…we call it “take-aparts”. Safety goggles, small size tools and lots of fun for the kids! We have done VCRs, telephones, adding machines. It is hard to get some things apart because they have special screws, but the challenge is also fun.

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