TEA PARTY… frame photo props

Okay if you thought the Tea Party Posts were cool so far… just wait until you see this one!!!  I saw a few pictures of really cool frame photo stations floating around the web.  (None I found had sources, so no links … sorry!)  The ones I saw used real frames spray painted in bright colors.  Here’s our version!

So, so cool!

When I told my Hubs he said… “I can make it”.  (He always says that!)  He used molding (you know the stuff you get at the hardware store to decorate your baseboards).  Once the frame was nailed together he used wood stakes to stand the frame up in the perfect place for pictures.

 A cute little bag held all of the fun props.

Love these, right?!?!?

Want to make your own photo props?  No problem.  Photo Prop Template #1 and Photo Prop Template #2.  Hubs designed the props, cut the pieces out of foam sheets, glued the pieces to skewers, and made the print out templates too.  (He’s so good!)

and my personal favorite…

Was I right!?!?!  Was this the best part of the entire Tea Party?

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