TEA PARTY… pin the horn on the unicorn and ribbon dancing

To complete Little M’s Fancy Backyard Tea Party we needed something for the kids to DO and this is where the real fun begins.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

I asked her which games she would like to play and she suggested Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.  (I think my sister had one at her daughter’s party.)  Can you tell I’m a little, ummmm, frugal?  Right, so I was not into tracking down a store bought Pin the Horn on the Unicorn and then paying $15 for it.

Instead we picked up a poster board and grabbed a few pretty markers from the art center.  I asked Little M to draw a big unicorn… but to leave off the horn.   Then I had her draw a horn on a separate piece of paper.  Hubs copied it on the computer so we had the right amount of horns.

Then we played just like any Pin the Tail game.  We wrapped a blind fold around their eyes, spun them a bit (just for fun), and sent them toward the unicorn with a horn in hand.  (I just folded a little piece of tape to the back to make the horn sticky.)  So easy and so fun!

Ribbon Dancing

So back to me being frugal… or cheap.  I can not stand goody bags.  I always end up spending a ton of money on junk.  Blah.  Not this time. 🙂

I found this great pink table cloth at our local thrift store for $3.  I cut long strips about 4″ wide.  Then I sent Hubs to the hardware store for dowels.

He cut the dowels into 10″ pieces and then drilled a hole on the top.  I squeezed a strip into the hole and tied a knot to keep the “ribbon” in place.

I made enough for each kid to take one home. . .

but first we danced!

We did have one more things to do at the tea party… but that deserves it’s own post.  Check back tomorrow to see our Photo Prop area.  Oh yeah, it’s really cool!

This post is a part of the Tea Party Lesson Plan.

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  1. Just came across your site! Great ideas! I too am planning a Rainbow Unicorn Tea Party as per my 4 year old’s request. I made ribbon dancers as well but did it super cheap by using the plastic star fairy wands from the dollar store and hot luing rainbow organza ribbon to them. That way, no holes to drill! 🙂

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