TEA PARTY… fun little details

Little M’s tea party tables turned out so, so cute!  I think the tissue paper flower napkin rings were a fun little detail that made all the difference.  This party was all about the little details.

Our ribbon tent was my very favorite detail from Little M’s tea party.  I loved this ribbon tent from Green Wedding Shoes the minute I saw it and was determined to make it happen!

When my Mom found a post on how to turn crepe paper streamers into gorgeous ruffly ribbons I was ecstatic (who’s tea party was it?  I promise I let her open the presents 😉 ).  I’ll let you go straight over to Dana Made It for awesome, easy to follow directions on how to make these Ruffled Streamers.

Next up was the cake.  (Please ignore the lopsided layers.)  This is the only picture I got… so when I send you over to the site where I got the idea / recipe from you can pretend that is what mine looked like. 😉

 I will say this.  This was the EASIEST cake I have ever made.  It was also delish…. and while mine wasn’t nearly as gorgeous as the one Glorious Treats made, it was pretty enough for all of the guests to ohhhh and ahhhh!  So head over and make sure to bookmark this Pink Ombre Swirl Cake… you’ll want to make it.  I PROMISE!

Good thing I wasn’t the only one paying attention to the details.  Big M decided we needed a welcome sign.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it!

Now you know I love MUD, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm… so I closed up the mud pit for the party.

Not everyone could read the sign… sneaky little toddlers! 😉 (They didn’t understand why I wasn’t encouraging them to grab a shovel like usual.)

At least I didn’t add water. 😉  We’ll save that for tomorrow.


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