Fun and Easy Rainbow Craft for Kids

I love rain. But even more then rain I love the beautiful rainbow that follows. The other day while hanging out with my sweet niece J (3 years old), she asked me to plan an activity. Hmmm… I guess they expect kid’s activities from me. I wonder why. 😉 The sad fact is we were HOPING for rain but it wasn’t coming. So we decided to make our own rainbow.

This rainbow craft was so easy to prep, it literally came together in minutes. Don’t you love a kid’s craft that is easy to prep, execute and clean up???

Fun and Easy Rainbow Craft for Kids

You’ll need: Colored construction paper, kid scissors, glue.

great rainbow craft for toddlers (5)

I asked J to cut up a piece of red paper, then orange, then yellow and so on until she had a small pile for each color of the rainbow. Size, quantity and shape really doesn’t matter for this. Let your little artist cut as much or as little as they want. If they want to walk away after cutting, cool! Save the pieces for another time.

great rainbow craft for kids

I drew arches for where the red pieces would go (I really wished I hadn’t after I did though. It wasn’t necessary and gave her more “form” than I generally like to give kids). For the rest of the colors she just drew the lines in glue… so much smarter.

great rainbow craft for toddlers (4)

J carefully placed the pieces onto the glue. She wanted to know the order of colors in the rainbow, so she asked which color would be next before starting a new line.

great rainbow craft for toddlers (2)

Notice how precise she is with a glue bottle? That’s because she gets plenty of practice using glue. Sure sometimes that means a major mess… but it also means that she understands how to control the amount that comes out.

great rainbow craft for toddlers (3)

Don’t be fooled by the perfect rainbow shape. I encouraged her to glue and place as she pleased. If this were my Little M’s masterpiece the colors would have been placed a little more scattered. Let your little one explore with the colors and enjoy the experience… a perfect rainbow isn’t the goal of this activity.

Do you have a preschool or toddler age little one who loves to cut? J will sit for hours with scissors and paper. So fun to watch!

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  1. OMGosh what a cute lil’ artist! I can not wait to see if my 6 year old will enjoy this – I know she loves rainbows, so that’s a great start right?! Thank you for an informative post and craft!

  2. yes, I do like an activity that comes together in minutes. I think we’ll use this (although a toddler version of it) for our upcoming rainbow unit. Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

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