WEATHER sensory tray… pretend snow

We live where summer is sunny, fall is sunny (with a bit of wind), winter is sunny (with a bit of rain), and spring is…. you got it SUNNY!  We know a lot about sun, but rarely get a chance to talk about things like snow.  Hubs and I came up with a fun  pretend snow sensory tray.  M and M loved it… I think you will too!

what you need:  cookie tray ~ ice ~ trucks ~ dolls ~ igloo (I’ll show you how)

I crushed up ice cubes in the blender, making sure to return the crushed ice back to the freezer while I worked.  Since it’s pretty warm here, I froze the cookie sheet before adding the pretend snow.  (That was Hubs idea… he’s so smart.)

Hubs made the igloo by adding a little bit of water to a bowl and placing a slightly smaller bowl inside.  The rubber band held the bowls in place and freezer did the rest!  (We froze it for 24 hours and used a tiny bit of warm water to release it from the bowl.)

M and M grabbed some of their favorite little things and got busy playing.

Big M finally got to use his snow plow.

Little M and I made a snowman.  (I would not let them have a snowball fight…mean mom!)

There was even a fire pit for the crew.

The snow melted pretty fast… good thing Big M was there to keep it in one spot!

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