ALL ABOUT ME… my bones

One of the first topics covered in school is “all about me”.  What a great way for the teacher to get to know the kids and the kids to get to know each other.

It’s also a great way to get the kids thinking, talking, and learning about themselves!

For more resources to go along with this activity, check out Human Anatomy: Skeleton labeling worksheets.

I found this AWESOME book at the library all about bones.  It is a wonderful example of how a children’s book can be educational and fun at the same time.

You Can’t See Your Bones With Binoculars: A Guide to Your 206 Bones

By Harriet Ziefert  Art by Amanda Haley


All about me Bones (5)The book takes you through each section of the body and describes what the names are for the bones and what their function is.  FANTASTIC! (I even walked away feeling a little smarter=) )

My Bones Activity

what you need:  easel paper ~ markers ~ construction paper ~ pens ~ tape ~ labeled picture of a skeleton

all about me

M and M took turns being traced…and that is always a blast!

All about me Bones (6)Big M picked a spot on the body to start.  I grabbed the book, and showed him the picture of the skeleton. ( I used the one from the book because it is AWESOME!  I bet you could find a labeled skeleton online pretty easily though.)

All about me Bones (1)

Once he felt like he knew what he was drawing, he got to work.   I read to him while he worked.  Describing the name and function of the bone he was working on.

All about me Bones (3)

Even cooler than I expected!

Tips (to maximize learning):  1. Point out the location of each bone.  Where would the knee go?  Which bones are above the knee, and which ones are below?  2.  Have your kid feel for the bones.  Which ones can you feel, and which ones are harder to feel?  3.  Go back after the picture is complete and write in the name of each bone.


  1. My daughter would love this! She loves learning about the body and this will be a book we have never checked out before! THANKS!

  2. That book does look good. I’m going to try to find it. Your son’s big skeleton picture will make a great Halloween decoration too. I found your post at We Teach. I tweeted it with the tag #weteach.
    I’m sure a lot of teachers and parents will be trying out your idea.

    1. Hi Philip, I’m not sure where else the book is sold. You could check Barnes and Noble or any bookstore that is local to you. I found it at the library. Ours has an awesome hold policy that allows you to request a book from any libraries in the county.

      The big paper is actually easel paper and you can find it at any teacher supply store (and possible walmart) Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is fantastic! Another cool idea might be to have the children look for sticks to represent the bones and stick those onto the outline of the body. This activity could also be extended by cutting out organ shapes and having the child pace those where they think they would go and discussing what each organ does.

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