83 Funny Sand Jokes, Sand Puns, Sand Riddles PRINTABLE

We’re getting ready for some sandy fun. We’ve compiled some sand jokes for kids you are shore to love. Some sand puns perfect for a dry sense of humor and some sand riddles that will get your hour glass flowing.

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sand jokes for kids

Sand Jokes for Kids

It’s high tide we got the giggles going with some funny sand joke for kids.

  • Why is sand called sand? – Because it’s between the sea and the land.
  • How does sand greet each other? – “Hey there, pal. Long time, no sea.”
  • What do you need if you want to buy an expensive sand castle? – Lot’s of sand dollars.
  • Why did the sand join a gym? – To get a better beach body.
  • What do you call a pile of sand in the desert? – A sand castle.
  • Why did the sand miss its alarm? – Because it was buried under the covers.
  • Why did the sand lose the race? – Because it got sand-bagged.
  • What do you call a sand that’s always busy? – A workaholic sand.
  • Why did the sand go to the gym on Thanksgiving? – To work off its sand-wiches.
  • Is sand rough? – Of course it is.

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  • Did I tell you about my attempt to grow bananas in sand? – It was fruitless.
  • Why do lawsuits against sand and silt never make it to court? – Sediment always settles.
  • What’s the sand’s go-to beach game? – It loves a round of “Sandy-go-seek,” where grains hide in plain sight!
  • What do you call an hourglass without sand? – A waist of time.
  • What’s a sand’s favorite social media platform? – Insta-sand.
  • Why did the sand go to the therapist? – To work on its sand-esteem.
  • What do you call a sand that’s always in a hurry? – A sand-storm.
  • How do beaches greet each other? – With a sandshake.
  • What’s the sandiest fruit? – Copacabanana.

  • Why was everyone crying after watching Infinity Wars? – Because sand got into their eyes.
  • If you go to the beach and forget your lunch, what can you eat? – Just eat the sand which is there.
  • What did the dog say after it walked over sandpaper? – Rough rough.
  • What do you call a sand that’s always happy? – A sand-smiler.
  • Why did the sand go to the art exhibit? – To see some sand-scapes.
  • What do you call a witch that only eats sand? – Malnourished.
  • What did the ocean say to the sand? – Nothing — it just waved.
  • Why do they call it kinetic sand? – Because it lacks potential.
  • What do you call a dinosaur that loves sand? – A saurosand.

What is the name of a beach that keeps losing sand? – Shore loser.

  • What do you call a sandcastle made of bread? – Sandy dough.
  • How do you get a beach to smile? – Say, “Sand you for the memories!”
  • What is a waffle that has been buried in sand known as? – It will be known as Sandiego.
  • What’s the sand’s favorite type of music? – “Rock” and roll!
  • What do you call a sandcastle that tells jokes? – A sand-“witty”!
  • What do you call a nervous grain of sand? – Anx-sand-ious!
  • What do you call sand that’s always on the move? – A “wander-sand”!
  • What’s the sand’s favorite social media platform? – Snap-grain!
  • What’s a sand’s favorite hobby? – Burying itself!
  • Why doesn’t sand ever get in trouble? – Because they’re already grounded’!
  • What’s a beach’s favorite type of dance? – “The ‘sand’ango!”
  • How do you make a sand dog? – Add some “bow-wowder” and shape it!
  • What did the sand say to the seashell? – “Shello!”
  • Why doesn’t sand ever get into arguments? – Because they’re all on the same beach!
  • What’s a sand’s favorite type of car? – A sand-buggy!
  • What makes a camel hard to find in the desert? – Camelflage.
  • Why won’t sharks eat clowns? – They taste funny with a side of sand.
  • What do you call a crab who can’t swim? – A sand crawler.

Sand Puns

Sand puns are a fun way to make your trip to the ocean a little extra silly.

  • Don’t worry, be sandy!
  • Want to hear about the incredibly confident bit of land that met the sea? – It was 100% shore about everything.
  • Sanday is the most suitable day to have a beach picnic.
  • The sand witch was terrorizing all the beach tourists at lunch.
  • Honestly, I’m not that shore myself.
  • The sand told the gravel, “I am fine.” when he asked him how he was.
  • Jokes about deserts all come under dry humor.
  • The water asked the sand if it could touch it. The sand said, “Shore”.
  • Why is the sand wet? Because the sea weed.
  • What do you call someone who does magic with sand? A sandwich.
  • The most famous musical movie you will watch in the Sand Kingdom is ‘La La Sand.’
  • I’m really sad that I lost my prized collection of sand specimens. They held a lot of sandimental value for me.
  • The sand attended a science fair—it was really in its element!
  • I told my best friend a joke about quicksand yesterday, and he finally got it today. It took a while for the joke to sink in.
  • The sand invited too many people to his Sunday barbecue. It was complete sandemonium.
  • I have a beach pun, but it’s a little sandy.
  • If you’re indifferent about the beach, you’re quite a sand skeptic.
  • That surfer can really ride the waves and avoid the sand pits.
  • Working out on the beach is a sand-tastic way to stay active.
  • The sand can’t weigh itself… it has to use the scales!
  • The sand knows how to make great impressions—it’s quite a smooth talker!
  • The sand loves to tell riddles—it’s a real “sand-igma”!
  • I hear the sandpaper competitions can be rough.
  • Shake off today, tomorrow is a sand new day.
  • Tis the season for some sandy fun.

Sand Riddles with Answers

These sand riddles will add some thinking to your laughing.

  • The more you take the more you leave behind. What am I? – Footsteps.
  • What gets bigger the more you take away? – A hole.
  • I measure time, I build up castles, and I’m small enough to fit in a teaspoon. What am I? – Sand.
  • What weighs more, 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of sand? – Neither, they both weigh 1 pound.
  • You’ll find me in sand but not in sea. I’m also kept between you and me. What am I? – And.
  • I’m used to make a castle, although I am not a brick. I’m used to track time but I don’t tick. I’m used to make paper, but I’m not a tree. What am I? – Sand.

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  • A hill covered in infinite grains. If you’re near me when it’s windy, close your mouth and eyes. What am I? – Sand dune
  • If Joe has 6 sand piles & John has 3 sand piles & they put them together how many sand piles will they have? – 1 sand pile.
  • You might find this on the ground but it isn’t dirty mud. It is sometimes put in bags to protect against a flood. What is it? – Sand.

Printable Sand Jokes for Kids

Print these sand jokes, sand riddles and sand puns. Then you can pack them along with your sandals and sunscreen for your next sandy adventure.

Click here to get your printable sand jokes, riddles and puns.

Share your favorite sand jokes in the comments so we can all enjoy some grains of laughter.

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