Creative Easter Egg Painting for Kids

When deciding how to paint eggs this year, I wanted to do something special.  I searched the web and still didn’t find what I was looking for.  

Then we brought out our stack of Easter books, and I had an idea!  Oh, and it turned out to be a good one. I love it when that happens!

How to make tissue paper Easter eggs is another unique egg coloring process.

Beautiful egg painting for kids

Creative Easter Egg Painting for Kids

what you need: eggs, pin or needle, paint, egg cartons, paintbrushes

Beautiful egg painting for kids

I blew out the insides of the eggs we used.  It ended up being harder than I expected, but well worth it.  Prick the top of your egg with a needle, then prick the bottom (this hole needs to be bigger).  

I found that using a straight pin worked the best and did the least amount of damage to the egg.  Stick the pin all the way into the egg and break the yolk.  Then blow from the smaller hole. Once the egg is empty rinse the inside with a little water and blow again.  Let them dry.

For the cute little stand I cut one cup from an egg carton, flipped it over, and made a hole big enough for the egg to rest.  Once the eggs were all dry, I painted them black to make a fancy little stand.

Beautiful egg painting for kids

We read an Easter book from my childhood.The Paintbrush Bunny by Adrienne Adams. (This is an affiliate link and if you make a purchase, you are helping support A Mom with a Lesson Plan. Thank you. I would check your library first though).

Orson, a young bunny, learns the importance of hard work as he joins his family painting everything in sight.  By the end of the book he is an expert painter.  He joins his mother and father painting over 1,200 eggs just in time for Easter.  He even invents his own line of specialty eggs.

Beautiful egg painting for kids

After reading The Paintbrush Bunny, it was time  for our little artists to get busy decorating their own eggs. They painted, and painted and painted…. until we ran out of eggs!

Each egg painter had a different technique.

Tips for Successful Egg Painting with Kids

  • Have a few egg cartons available for resting the eggs on while the kids paint.
  • Use skewers to hold the eggs for painting.
  • Flip an egg carton upside down to hold the finished eggs while they dry. Make sure to careful move them once in a while so the paint doesn’t stick to the carton.
  • Use a permanent marker to write the date and artist name. Save these eggs to bring out every Easter!
Beautiful egg painting for kids

Have you decorated eggs yet? Is there an Easter book that will (or has) inspired your Easter activities?

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Egg Painting for Kids originally appeared on April 6th, 2011. The kids loved it so much we had to give it another try. BEAUTIFUL!


  1. What a great idea! It looks like a lot more fun than just dumping eggs in to cups of dye and waiting for them 🙂 My little one has never had the patience for that but this looks like something he could do!

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