8 awesome EASTER ideas

I was having a little trouble getting into the “Easter spirit”.  So I dug through my archives… and did a little web searching to get myself in the mood.  It worked.

from my archives

We had so much fun painting eggs.  I can’t wait to see what they look like this year (now that my M and M are one year older.)

Love, love, love any activities that gets the kids moving.  Ha ha… my kids are always moving.  I guess I should say I love any activities that get the kids moving intentionally.  The Easter egg number hunt was one of those activities!

My super awesome sister wrote about a Easter Egg Balancing Game she did with her kids.  FUN!

And of course, what would a holiday be without a few special books?

from my web search

Pink and Green Mama

How cool is that sensory tub?!?!?  It makes me want to sit down and play.


Ummm really?!?!?  We had a fun day of “Egg”speriments that I can’t wait to tell you about (tomorrow).  We just might have to do another egg day to try out walking on raw eggs.

The Iowa Farmers Wife

I love these sound eggs.  So easy to set up, so fun, and such a good way to get kids listening!

Hands On: As We Grow

Of course there will be egg coloring!!!  You’ll find 4 methods of egg decorating at Hands On: As We Grow!

Do you have some fun Easter activities in the works?  Link up in the comments or just tell us all about it!


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