practice balancing with the EASTER EGG walk

What you need: plastic Easter egg, Easter basket, assorted kitchen utensils

S and T loved this Easter activity. I filled a bucket with plastic Easter eggs and laid out a variety of kitchen utensils: wooden spoon, table spoon, potatoe masher, ice cream scooper, baby spoon. I put an Easter basket for each of them on the other side of the room.

Then it was time to practice balancing the eggs on  utensils.  I gave them one instruction and that was to get each of the Easter eggs from the bucket to the basket using one of the utensils. Together they discussed ways of getting to the other side of the room, walking, hopping, skipping and running.

It wasn’t long before they had all 20 eggs in the their baskets.

Questions: 1.  What other ways can you get to the basket?(My girls disscussed this on their own).  2.  Which utensil did you like using the most?  3.  What else can we balance the eggs on?

This post is a part of the Easter lesson plan


  1. Great Easter Egg ideas this week! I’m going to forward them on! We have a big hunt at Great Grandma’s house. This might be a fun game for the younger ones to help fill the time.

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