Easter Books for Kids & Toddlers

I love to pair a favorite book with an activity. One of my favorites was an Easter book from when I was a kid. Bringing The Paintbrush Bunny to life made my Easter season! 

Ernest’s First Easter
by Paivi Stalder  Illustrated by Frauke Weldin

Ernest is a bunny, new to delivering Easter eggs.  His family gives him one house to be responsible for his first Easter.     There are a few places in the story that offer the opportunity for discussion.  When Ernest knocks over a pot while entering the house, it is a great time to question the kids.  “What do you think will happen next?”  There is another point when Ernest is trying to find a good hiding place for the eggs, what a great lead into a hiding session.  “Can you find the best hiding place?  What makes a great hiding place?”

The pictures are very fun and colorful.  I love that Ernest is sneaking around the house while everyone is asleep and I think he may have inspired our Easter bunny to hide a few eggs in M and M’s room.  (Of course unlike the little boy in this story. . . they are going to have to clean their room!)

Here Comes T. Rex Cottontail
By Lois G. Grambling  Illustrated by Jack E. Davis
I’m torn on how to review this book.  There are a lot of things I like about the book, but I don’t think it is very well written.  There is nothing really wrong with the writing, except that it doesn’t flow.  It is hard to read aloud and I found myself tripping over a lot of the words. (And I’m a story teller, reading to kids comes pretty easy to me!)  Normally I would just skip a book like this and not review it, trust me we read

A LOT more books than I review.  The thing is that this book has a lot of pros too.  Enough that I would still recommend it.  So I’ll tell you what I think and you can decide for yourself!
I love the basic morals in this book.  T-Rex is taking on the role of delivering eggs because the Easter Bunny is sick (Helping others).  He isn’t a natural hopper so he breaks all of the eggs, instead of giving up he spends all day practicing (Persistence).  His friends gather as many eggs as they can find, and help paint them just in time for Easter (Friendship and kindness).  T- Rex saves an egg for the Easter Bunny as a surprise (Thoughtfulness).  And in the end all of the eggs crack open, everyone cheers (Acceptance and celebration of change).

So. . .will you read these Easter Books?

This post is a part of the Easter lesson plan.



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