GARDEN update

A couple weeks ago we got started on our garden.  I’ve been compiling pictures, and since planting is about as “earth friendly” as it gets this is the perfect week to share them!

The beginning

Our first sprouts.  Little M just about jumped out of her skin over these specks of green.


We measured the growth of our sunflowers every day.  On one day, it grew an inch from the time we dropped Big M off at preschool to the time we picked him up!
M and M recorded their findings.  What a fun way to get them excited about writing.

Prepping the Garden Plot

Little M grabbed her fanciest dress for a little morning gardening.
We found LOTS of earthworms.  Luckily I was able to convince Little M that her “Wormie Friends” would be happier in our soil then in her hands, purse or lap (yep they even got a ride on the swing).
And of course our garden wouldn’t be complete without a couple of monster truck ramps.

Planting our Seedlings

Here we go.

Add a wormie friend.
Almost done.
Volia!  A little watering and the sunshine will work its magic!

This post is part of the Garden Lesson Plan.


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