Easter Game… Plastic Egg Toss

Do you have gazillon plastic eggs left over from previous Easters? Me TOO! I also have a ton of empty plastic water bottles waiting to be recycled. Aha, sounds like an Easter Activity in the making.

Easter game

The set up required a little trial and error. Water bottles are very light and it is really easy to knock them over. Since bowling wasn’t the type of Easter game we were going for I used tape to hold them in place. (Hmmm…. Easter egg bowling. 😉 )

Easter Game… Plastic Egg Toss

What you need: Plastic eggs, water bottles , tape, score board

Cut the water bottles (I used a razor knife/ box cutter) about two inches down from the top. Hold them together with one strip of tape. I think mini plastic eggs would have fit a bit easier, but as always we work with what we have. These eggs were good enough.

Easter Game

Mark a spot for the Egg Tosser to stand and get ready! We took turns tossing 10 eggs. To make it easier for younger kids or more challenging for expert tossers, change the tossing spot.

Easter Game

For a little addition practice we brought out our DIY Dry Erase Board (oh how I love it!) and the kids kept score.

If you’ve been here before you know that recycling and reusing is a regular part of our playful learning.

How do you make recycling a part of your family’s routine?

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  1. I was wondering. What to use instead of empty water bottles? Any other ideas* only because I don’t have any :/

    1. It looks like around 8-10. I’d guess that you can use as many as you’d like to. The more the bigger the target and more you can do scoring chances. For instance right in the middle will be bulleye and the most points. Around the outside is only a few points. What do you think about that?

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