Sight Word I Spy Game

I’m really starting to feel like my old self again, and boy am I grateful for that!!! One of my favorite ways to play is creating sight word activities for Little M and I’m so glad to be back to it.

For Christmas she received two sets of beads. Yes TWO sets of beads. Two extra large sets of beads. After making a few bracelets she decided that beading wasn’t really for her… and so the search for bead activities and bead art projects began.

We used an empty water bottle left over from our Easter Game and a very small amount of our huge bead collection to create our sight word I spy game. FUN!

sight word I spy game

Pouring the beads into the bottle became a learning activity of its own. I let her give it a try with and without the funnel. What a great hands on way to learn the purpose of a funnel. She also learned HOW to use a funnel because putting too many beads in at once clogged the spout.

Sight Word I Spy Game

To make the sight words small enough to fit inside the bottle I cut pieces from a cereal box. (A manila folder, poster board or card stock would work too!)

Little M’s teacher hands out sight words. If you need a list of sight words to work with LINCS provides a printable version of Dolch Basic Sight Word List.

sight word i spy game

Little M wrote out the words. I sat close by and repeated the word over and over. This helps reinforce the sight words before the activity even starts!

sight word i spy game

She loves periods… can you tell?

sight word i spy game

I wanted to say each word again as she placed them into the bottle… she had other plans and jammed them all in at once. Oh well, I guess it is HER activity. 🙂

sight word i spy game

Once the Sight Word I Spy bottle was made we shook it up and found words. Reading the ones that popped to the surface.

Little M took it a step further and made up a little game. She had me hide her sight word cards. Then she shook up the I spy bottle. She went in search of the word that surfaced. I have such creative kids!

*** Because beads are small please supervise kids. If you have a little one who puts things in their mouth, simply glue the lid on before letting them use it.***

How do you make sight words fun?



  1. Those turned out so cute. Do you think the pieces you put in the bottle were too big, or just the right size. I always try to make things like this and every time I feel like I make the inside pieces either way too big or way too small. I want to do this with my son, but I am interested to know if you think the size is right or not. If it is, then I will copy it!

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