“How Many Feet in the Bed?” Counting Book Activity

I love a good book activity, don’t you? This book has been in our library since my preschool teaching days and I thought it was about time we had a counting activity to go with it!

Counting Book Activity

Have you read How Many Feet in the Bed? by Diane Johnston Hamm? This counting book does a great job of making counting fun and easy for little readers. Kate Salley Palmer did a fantastic job with the artwork in this book. It’s one of my favorites.

Counting Book Activity

To get started I traced my Niece J’s feet. Then I used the first two to trace 8 more feet. If you are doing this activity with toddlers I recommend have the feet already cut out before reading the book.

Counting Book Activity

We laid out a blanket to act as the “bed” and found 10 feet perfect for counting.

Counting Book Activity

Using a black marker, I wrote a number (1-10) on each foot. After I spread them out number side down I had J pick one.

 Book Activity

We talked about the number she picked (number recognition) then I asked her to put 1 foot on the bed.

How many feet in the bed?Each time we picked a new number we rearranged  how many feet were on the bed. J and I counted out the feet (counting practice).

Do you have a favorite counting book?


  1. What a wonderful activity – the book looks fantastic as well will have to see whether it’s available in the UK – we are in the stage of counting by rote with T and I want to move on with her current counting obsession 🙂

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