why I am so grateful… my surrogacy update

Have you been anxiously awaiting news on the surrogacy front? I’ve had this post rolling around in my head for a week now, but finding the time to sit down and write it has been challenging. It has been 2 weeks since I gave birth to a strong (yet quiet) little boy and I am quickly returning to my old self. He was a week past his due date, so my little bloggy break might be a little longer than I expected. Don’t worry though, I will be back before you know it!

As a gift for being a surrogate I received a bracelet with the word grateful beautifully stamped, front and center. The gift giver said she thought of me when she saw it, that the word described me. I was (and am) so touched…


and it’s true. I am grateful.

~ I’m grateful for the extra time I spent with the Mom and Dad to be.  Had baby come on time we would have gotten a lot less “just hanging out” time. (Although I may have been grumbling about it a little bit that last week. 😉 ).

~ I’m grateful for the woman who runs the surrogacy agency (Creative Conceptions in case your curious) who held my hand through the entire surrogacy process. Having her experience and skill at the delivery made all the difference!

~ I’m grateful for the missed epidural. I didn’t need it but was afraid to not ask for it. Because the delivery was so quick the choice was taken away from me.  I can now say I’ve done a natural delivery with no pain meds at all. (Flexing superwoman muscles… hee hee).

~ I’m grateful for my mom’s encouraging voice in my ear as I focused on each contraction.

~ I’m grateful for the super quick delivery. Only 2 1/2 hours of serious contractions.

~ I’m grateful for the happy tears I saw when the new Mom laid eyes on the baby she’s dreamed about for so, so long.

~I’m grateful for the two parents who clung to each other while they watched their big boy be weighed and measured. (8.11 lbs and 19 inches)


~ I’m grateful for the note Little M left in my hospital bag.

~ I’m grateful for all of the texts, Facebook messages and voice mail messages waiting for me. What an amazing feeling to have so many friends thinking about me on that special day.

~I’m grateful for car ride home from the super short hospital stay. Being with my Hubby and kids was just what I needed.

~ I’m grateful for Big M’s sweet comment two days after I came home. “Mom, I hope you can do that again. I like feeling the baby move in your tummy.”

~ I’m grateful for my bloggy friends, who provided dinner for our family. It was like a giant hug from all over the world.

~ I’m grateful for my sister (and nieces) who gladly helped me keep life as normal as possible this past few weeks and who took on this surrogacy as if it was a decision they had made.

grateful fingers

~ I’m grateful for the family who is headed home today. Starting their life together in part because of me.

~ I’m grateful for a husband who not only allowed me to accomplish my dream but made it as easy as possible. Although he will take no credit for his part in this gift, I couldn’t have done it without him.

~ I’m grateful for the opportunity to live a life long dream.

And of course I am grateful for you, my readers, who have been so patient while I took this break. I look forward to coming back strong as soon as possible.

Thank you!


  1. What a beautiful soul you have to have gave someone a child. they will now know the pure love of having a child to love and share their life with.May God Bless you and your family.

  2. Inspirational and you made me cry. What a beautiful gift you have given this family. Flex those superwoman muscles some more!

  3. I feel a little teary reading your lovely post. What a special time for you and your family and the family you have given this wonderful gift to. xxx Ali

  4. Hi! Bless you for your generosity. What a gift! I hope you are doing well.

    My name is Chris, and I’m helping my son and daughter-in-law find an “oven” for one of the embryos they were so fortunate to create. 😉

    She had a partial hysterectomy some years back. She married my son last year, and they would like to have a child. We would love to have a grand baby, and we would be so happy with just one if so blessed. If I was younger and healthy, I would consider as carrier, but that’s not an option for me at 61 and a leukemia survivor with some health issues who had a 3% chance. I’m very blessed to be alive.

    We live in SC. Our state is not surrogate friendly with insurance, but I understand there are about 20 states that are. It would be helpful in this case. Thank you for any leads you can recommend or know of anyone who you might consider being a surrogate. Sincerely, Chris

  5. What a selfless act! You children will be so proud of you and you have taught them the greatest lesson in life- giving a gift that the receiver could never repay you for! Amazing.
    Would you do it again?

  6. Your blog posts about your surrogacy journey are so touching. I admire you so much and I too have the dream of being a surrogate mommy. Like you, I have great pregnancies and absolutely LOVE carrying a baby. I have two children of my own and would love to be pregnant again, but not my own baby. May I ask you more detailed questions about being a surrogate through email in case my husband changes his mind and is okay with me doing it?

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