16 Creative ways to be Kind

This time of year tends to bring up the topic of kindness. While most of us strive to be kind all year, it’s the holidays that remind us just how grateful we are to have what we have… and how much we want to spread that goodness around. Kindness can be huge! It can be something we plan out, save for and invest time in. I’ve been known to engage in some all consuming acts of kindness. 😉

Giving in grand ways is important; it gives us focus and purpose. And when you are able to find the type of kindness that is in line with who you are, magical things can happen. I want to raise M and M to be kind in those big ways, but I also want them to understand that kindness can be simple. Small gestures can brighten someone’s day and make an even bigger impact that we will ever know. Small acts of kindness add up helping us become kind people. People who are kind without even thinking about it.

creative ways to be kind

16 Creative ways to be Kind

  1. Leave a thank you letter (or picture) for the mailman.
  2. Hide a book in the library.
  3. Smile with sincere understanding at a Mom or Dad who’s obviously having an overwhelming moment. (Think about how great that would feel when you’re in the same situation!)
  4. Print out a volunteer list and give it to your kid’s teacher.
  5. Buy a copy of your family’s favorite book and give it to a neighbor.
  6. Make friendship bread.
  7. Pick up a beautiful postcard. Have the kids (and adults) write their favorite thing about the recipient. Send it in the mail, even if they live close by. Everyone loves to get fun mail!
  8. Host a kids’ evening to give a few friends a date night.
  9. Set out a big sign to thank the trash man for showing up and giving your 8-year-old years of entertainment. (Oh, is that just me?)
  10. Write down 10 positive, happy, fun descriptive words on pretty paper. Hand them out to relevant strangers through out the day.
  11. Give a potted plant to your favorite librarians to thank them for all they do.
  12. Buy two of the prettiest coffee cups you can find. Keep one for yourself and give the other one to the first person who smiles at you.
  13. Reward awesome service. Call over the manager and share the amazing service you’ve received. (How often do you think that happens?)
  14. Spend dinner sharing “bests” about the person on your left.
  15. Make homemade play dough and pass it out when you pick the kids up from school.
  16. Invite your neighbors to relax and draw. Set out brand new chalk on the sidewalk in your neighborhood. Write the words “Draw with us.” Leave it set up overnight. You just might wake up to find a beautiful sidewalk that inspires smiles for days!


Add your favorite ways to be kind in the comment section! 


  1. How lovely, I never thought of thanking the dustmen or the postman, except on days where they have been lured into random conversations with my kids. I like these ideas. My kids like giving to homeless people, it always makes them smile.

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