20 homemade gifts that will be used all year!

How often do you give homemade gifts throughout the year? For all of you crafty Moms and Dads out there, Christmas is a great time to get creative. Why should Christmas be any different? Big M loves anything that’s made by hand… I guess I should take a cue from my list and make sure he get’s something extra special!

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Wow! What a great list of homemade gifts. Some easy to make some a little more difficult. I love #4 and #17.

Homemade Gifts Ideas

  1. Art Kit – This activity book from Cosmo Cricket is made from an old book. Think of all the cool things that could be done with it!
  2. Quiet Book – My kids are a little past this one but oh how cool quiet books would be as a homemade gift! I have a friend who’s putting together a quiet book exchange. (I’m begging her to write-up a “how to host a quiet book exchange” post for all of you… in the meantime here is her Quiet book  Pin board.
  3. Dog Bed – Don’t forget the furry family members! They want a present too. Of course this pet bed (from Apartment Therapy) would also work as a great gift for kids who like to lay around reading.
  4. Play Silks – Play silks and scarves make the most wonderful play accessory. Artful Homemaking uses Kool Aid to dye play silks. They can be used for so many things, it’s really an endless possibility gift!
  5. Memory Game –  I’ve made so many memory games it’s hard to keep track. I will admit though that none of them are as beautiful as the  memory game What’s Mummy Up To?  made!
  6. Building Kit – We made this PVC pipe building kit a little over a year ago. M and M get so creative building “BIG” stuff in the backyard!
  7. Specialized Soap – Of course you can fill a clear soap container with any little toy but this Lego Soap would go over very well at our house! (From the Fence Post).
  8. Fishing KitDoodle Craft made a magnet fishing kit that would be awesome for filling a stocking… and entertaining a hungry kid in a restaurant!
  9. Flashlight – Flashlights are so much fun! Four Marrs and One Venus made some really cool Personalized Flashlights that would be perfect homemade gifts.
  10. Car Roll Up – Do you have a car lover? The Shabby Creek Cottage made an adorable car roll… and it doesn’t look too hard to make!
  11. Fort Kit – I searched and searched for the best fort kit tutorial. I think my favorite was this fort kit from Saltwater-Kids.
  12. Play Kitchen – Pretend play is an awesome way for kids to act grown up. This play kitchen from Paint on the Ceiling is both practical and pretty.
  13. Puppet Theater – OH MY GOODNESS… I just love creative parents! You’ll have to see this Puppet theater to believe it. Zoom in 24-7 must be enjoying many shows in their living room.
  14. Bow and Arrow –  PVC again! Skip to My Lou has a super easy tutorial for making a Bow and Arrow set the kids can enjoy over and over.
  15. Magic Kit – Use this list of DIY magic tricks from Babble to put together a magic kit for your little ones. Pick 3 -5 tricks, type out the directions and provide the supplies.
  16. Stick Horse – Giddy up! Red Ted Art made an adorable DIY Stick Horse any cowboy (or girl) would love.
  17. Lego Storage Cabinet – Who is this really a gift for? I’ll admit, I am loving our Lego storage cabinet just as much as Big M… but he was very happy to receive it and brags about it often.
  18. Play Tree House – Kinder Days found a really inexpensive way to make a tree house perfect for little pretend play.
  19. Picture Puzzle – If you’re looking for an easy way to add homemade gifts to Christmas, Picture Puzzles are prefect. Lil Blue Boo shares a gel transfer technique for creating your own.
  20. Science Kits – By preparing your own Science Kit like My Blessings From Above did, you can be sure the activities inside will meet your little one’s interest, learning level and include materials you want your kids experimenting with!

Do you have homemade gift plans this year? What are you making?



  1. Oh I DO love homemade gifts. I think it is a really special way to give to your family and children – especially in the commercial world that we live in today. Thank you so much for including our Hobby Horse! Much appreciated.


  2. Great ideas here too!
    We’ve been printing pillow cases, shopping bags, an apron and tea towels with different techniques. Easy for he kids to do as gifts for grandparents etc.

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