DIY Lego Storage Solution – SCORE!

We had a Lego storage problem. I’m sure any Lego loving family will agree that while these little building bricks are fantastic… they multiply quickly. Their numbers also never seem to decrease on clean out day like some of the other toys. I was starting to despise the creations which of course could be found in my purse, by my bed, under chairs, across the mantel, in the shower… well you get the picture. Something had to be done. So I found a solution… a DIY Lego storage solution!
Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!!

Our Lego Storage Problem

  1. Yes the under the bed storage worked great for a long time. It started with one, then became two and then Grandma scored 2 medium size bins of Lego’s at a garage sale. Now we don’t have enough “under the couch” space for the bins. They end up… well anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Flat pieces are expensive… and fragile. Of course if a 7 year old boy is going to be gentle with something it’s his Lego pieces, but finding a safe place to put them can be a challenge.
  3. Big M is building a city. That means he has a ton of Lego projects going. He’s very creative and even cut up a few boxes to hold the works-in-progress… but really there has to be a better way. (By the way, I also can’t stand having box sets all over the house… especially when I suspect he has already mixed most of the pieces into the big bin.)
  4. Finished projects need a place too.
  5. MANUALS!!! (Need I say more?)

Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! I grabbed my notebook and got busy sketching out a plan (I’m a very skilled planner as you can see 😉 ). At our house you have to be very careful what you ask for. (I learned that after mentioning that the TV might look nice above the fireplace as long as the wires could be hidden in the wall… 3 days before we had the entire family over for Thanksgiving.) The great thing about it, is I know if I can wish it, he can build it. Sky’s the limit! DIY Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! My builders got busy building on our DIY Lego storage. Big M turns 8 this week and we decided to give this to him as a present. I suggested we could buy a TROFAST Storage System, but Hubs wouldn’t have it. Big M loves homemade stuff and loves it even more when his hands get to do the making. Hubs was right. We heard a lot of “This is so cool” and “You’re the best dad ever.” If however you are not a builder, check out the TROFAST. It has very cool options for a reasonable price.

Our DIY Lego Storage Solution!

Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage... Isn’t it beautiful?!?! Oh and so very organized. (We’re having a difference of opinion on the lids.) I don’t want them. Big M does. Since it’s his baby, we’ll leave them on for now. Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage...

  1.  A place to put all the bins! YAY! Plus they slide in and out so Big M can take them to his room, outside, into the kitchen… where ever he decides to build and they can easily be returned to their home. Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage...
  2. Those expensive flat Pieces  are safe and sound. Now they won’t be stepped on, bent or snapped in half.Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage...
  3. Storing sets as they come in, projects in the works and special small pieces was really tricky with the “under the couch system”. Now we have 6 containers perfect for all three jobs! This solution was inspired by DIY Lego Activity Box {U Create}.Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage...
  4. I’ll be honest Lego display is not completely solved… yet! If he only had 4 creations at a time have a cleared off top would be wonderful. However the builders have already assured me that adding shelves up the sides for display are in the works. Phew!Lego Storage Problems SOLVED! Brilliant!!! DIY Lego Storage...
  5. Manuals, manuals and more manual! Yikes the Lego manuals can overrun the house just as much as the Lego’s themselves. We use a three ring binder and slip covers to hold the manuals. Tip – I wish we would have filled the binder before deciding how big the slot for it would be. It’s a little bit too small already.

There you have it! Our Lego Storage Problems solved… almost completely. What’s working for Lego storage at your house?

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  1. What a fantastic system! I love that your son and his dad built it together – it makes it even more of a special present.

    We also had a LEGO storage problem. These pics were taken two years ago but we solved it in a similar way, although I am a lot more particular about sorting Lego and it’s all done by size which makes finding the parts for building way easier. We used three plastic tower drawers with a solid piece of MDF on top as an extra building platform.

    These pics were taken two years ago and models have now taken over virtually all his bookshelves and I’ve recently had to tackle the explosion of LEGO in the youngest’s bedroom. We’re still sorting his LEGO into the right sizes but we’re getting there!

  2. Thanks…i know its a “first world problem” but I cannot stand legos all around the house!! It drives me CRAZY!

  3. How much do you estimate the wood & nails costing? Did you use any glue? We have a Lowe’s and Home Depot nearby. We’ve never built anything so just want to have a good idea of what the cost is. BTW – I like the clear bins vs the Ikea bins. I love that it would be a fun learning opportunity and I just might be able to convince the husband to tackle this with the 3 boys….. I need to buy more containers so I will find those on sale. Just wondering what the wood & nails/glue cost.

    1. I think my Hubby said around $100 for everything (including containers which we got at Lowe’s). The price really depends on the type of wood you choose…. hee hee I learned that when we were shopping for it. Since he stained it we went with a cheaper wood. I don’t know if he bought nails because there are a ton in our garage.

  4. Love it! We have much the same problem here. Ended up with Ikea storage bins (the colored kind) w/o lids so odd shaped creations can “park” on top. Who has room for the Millenium Falcon to land?? Love the binder with the sheet protectors for directions! We switched to this system, too!
    Do you have any thoughts on storing the people and parts for them? This is the newest battle ground… I’m thinking about pencil boxes, since those are only $1 right now…
    Thanks for your awesome blogs!

  5. I bought a load of small containers from the dollar store (ok, pound shop, but you know what I mean) for mini figures and accessories and they all fit in one of the drawers. The kids have separated them as they see fit with one container for heads, another for weapons, that kind of thing). It’s a system that’s stood the test of time for us so I am happy to recommend it.

  6. Your shelves look great! We just bought a Lay-N-Go drawstring mat, which is pricey but works well for spreading out pieces and keeping them contained. Clean-up is super fast. Friends of ours designed the mat and it reminds me of a simple denim one I had as a kid.

  7. this looks cool, great job getting those Legos organized! Can I ask what font you are using on your blog? It’s adorable!

  8. Hi Jillian,

    Hope all’s well.

    I have been reading your blog, and your LEGO storage post in particular. I’m currently working on a project for LEGO about storage and would very much like to conduct a 30 minute interview with you about the matter.

    Does this sound of interest to you?


    Alex Hamilton

  9. Hello! I am a new follower and happened upon this post – how timely! My daughter (4…almost 5) has just fallen in love with LEGO’s! We are at the 1 bin stage, but I see where this is going!!! Thanks for the ideas! All your ‘boys’ did a great job!!! (And, you, of course! What’s a construction crew without an architect/engineer/project manager!) Well, I’m needed to help with attaching a LEGO roof now…. Thanks again! 🙂

  10. I also have used bins and Tupperware with the ikea sets but I also have gotten manuals under control by just using them from where all can be found! No more lost ones and no storing them!

  11. Love these ideas! Our manuals get separated, laminated and placed on a binder ring. That way I don’t have to go all crazy about torn out pages, etc. Now if only I could solve the problem of sets. I feel like it takes to make anything because its so hard to find all the pieces. No matter what they end up all mixed up again!

    1. I love the idea of a binder ring! Having small bins just for sets is working pretty well for us, although I think he would like to have twice as many of them!

  12. This is a fantastic solution! We also have tons of Lego in our house & have invested in the new Lego shaped brick storage boxes. We had no room for more shelving and for us the fact the boxes stack & can be moved around the house easily works well. Also we store Lego by theme, so Star Wars, Cars, City, Atlantis etc. Of course my little girl is now old enough to join her 2 big brothers so we will be adding even more to the collection… Love the folder idea for the manuals & can’t believe I haven’t done this already! Will do the laminating another poster suggested but only when back ‘home’ as currently overseas. Thanks for the ideas!

  13. I just found this entry and have a suggestion for your “Manual storage problem” if you all are still into Legos. Buy an inexpensive tablet then download from the Lego website the manuals and load them on the tablet. Storage of manuals space problem solved!

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