Lego activities for kids are a favorite around here. Big M has had one Lego creation or another in his hands since he turned 5 years old. I figure if these little bricks are going to take over my house I might as well take advantage of their learning potential!

These activities range from math to storytelling to art to plain old building with Lego. As with anything else we do… simple, fun and creative are the driving forces.

Huge list of Lego Activities for Kids!

Fun Lego Activities

Lego Sculptures with Play Doh
Measuring with Lego
Lego for Toddlers
9 Fun Lego Activities for kids

Huge list of Lego Activities for Kids!

Home Made Lego Instruction
Lego Game (with Printable Game Board)
MiniFig Storytelling
Lego Card Holder

Lego Storage

Huge list of Lego activities for kids

Ultimate Lego Storage Solution
Lego Storage and Display

Lego Party Ideas with Lego Activities for kids

Throw a Lego Party (with super simple Lego Activities)

Lego Party Decorations and Invitation
Fun and Easy Lego Party Games for Kids
Lego Party Goodie Bags and Lego Pendant
Lego Cake

Looking for even more Lego fun? Check out my Lego Fun and Learning Pinterest board.

What is your favorite way to play with Lego?