Simple tips for Lego for Toddlers

Lego’s are big around here and for good reason.  They are an awesome open ended toy that kids enjoy!  I love toys that let kids be creative while they play. There’s no reason the big kids should have all the Lego fun!

Lego for Toddlers

Tips for Lego with Toddlers


I was watching N, the Toddler Lego’s (Duplo Blocks) came out.

Tips for Lego with Toddlers

Big M has been building for so long now that I forgot how much concentration it takes to fit them together.

Tips for Lego with Toddlers

Tips for first time builders:  1.  Lining up the Legos and pressing them in is a skill that needs to be practiced.  I helped N hold the blocks in place while she pressed.  2.  Taking turns to build a tower is a great way to cut down on the frustration of the first tries.  3.  Remember to talk while you build!  This is a great time to add in a little vocabulary fun.  “You are pressing the red block onto the tower.”

Does your toddler love Lego?

This post is a part of Lego Week.

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