LEGO party goodie bags and LEGO pendant

Everything about the Lego Party was fun to create, but I think the goodie bags and LEGO pendants were my favorites!

Add another special touch with these kids party songs!

Lego Party Goodie Bags

Big M made a special item out of Lego’s for each of the kids.  For the younger party goers he used Duplos (we don’t want any of our friends choking!)  I gave him plenty of time in advance…I think he spent about two weeks working on them here and there.  After he completed one, I taped their name on the bottom and stashed it away.

Lego Party Goodie Bags

I found some awesome Lego Party name tags, and put my husband on the job.  Didn’t they turn out cute?!?!  (ps. Lego sculptures are really hard to wrap…so don’t laugh too hard at my wrapping skills!)

Lego Party Pendant

For the games I wanted to reward each of the participates with a Lego Pendant.  I had my hubs print out a smaller version of the name tags and personalized each pendant.

Lego Party Goodie Bags (1)

I cut circles out of a manila folder and red construction paper.  I used a glue stick to attach them.  I made a sloppy Lego Head (don’t worry if you are not an artist…the shape looks good even if it’s a little off!)  I glued the name to the head and the head to the circles.  I punched holes and laced some yellow ribbon.  The Lego Pendants turned out so cute.  I do wish I would have thought to cover them with contact paper…they would have been way more durable!

Lego Party Goodie Bags (3)

Big M received an extra special birthday pendant.

This post is a part of the Lego Party lesson plan.


  1. I have the same question as Annie! I’m in the process of planning a Lego party for my son, and I love your ideas! But as I used the Lego font I downloaded, it only writes in black and white. Any help/details would be appreciated! I don’t have Publisher, but I can get it if needed. Thanks!

  2. I am planning a lego party for my son and I don’t have the slightest bit of computer knowledge to make these adorable lego bubble tags. (Just the simple red background with the name in white, outlined in black and yellow). Would you be willing to make a template for me with 15 names? I’d be happy to pay you $20! LOL. I could print them out.
    Thank you for considering…

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