Easy (and adjustable) LEGO Display Shelves

We have so many LEGO pieces! I’m not complaining. LEGO is awesome for so many reasons. I’m willing to allow these little bricks to continue to accumulate year after year.

The thing is, LEGO bricks bring on a couple of LEGO problems. Where the heck do we store this huge collection? And how do we display the LEGO masterpieces?

We solved problem one a while back with a LEGO storage cabinet. Although we’ve reached the point that we might need to build another one!

Today I’ve teamed up with Creative QT to share our solution for the second LEGO problem… LEGO display.

Creative QT strives to solve the problems many parents face with products that foster imagination based play, promote organization and clean up and cultivate parent/child engagement. LEGO is one of their focuses and they share wonderful LEGO ideas in the Idea Factory.

What a neat idea for Lego display shelves!

Easy (and adjustable) LEGO Display Shelves

Prepping the shelves was really easy.

What you need: 12″ wood squares, spray paint, Peel-and-Stick LEGO®-Compatible Baseplates, pencil, ruler, D-Ring picture hangers, LEGO bricks

What a neat idea for Lego display shelves!

Step one. Paint the wood pieces.

Step two. Attach a D-Ring hanging hook to the back using a screw gun or screw driver.

Step three. When the paint has dried clean the wood with a rubbing alcohol mixture (as recommended by CreativeQT). Then use a pencil and ruler to mark where the baseplates will go.

Step four. Peel the backing off the Peel-and-Stick LEGO®-Compatible Baseplates and carefully press them onto the painted wood pieces.

What a neat idea for Lego display shelves!

Using the LEGO wall hangings was even more fun than I expected.

LEGO display.

Big M jumped right in picked a few LEGO creations he wanted to display. We worked together to find the perfect LEGO pieces to create the shelves.

We made sure that each shelf was long enough and wide enough for the specific creations.

This will be so easy to change as he creates new masterpieces!

LEGO art.

It was no surprise to me that Little M had something entirely different in mind for these LEGO wall hangings. She quickly created a mosaic picture to hang on her wall. So clever… and also so easy to change!

The Peel-and-Stick LEGO®-Compatible Baseplates are very easy to work with and the possibilities of how to use them is amazing! They could be used to transform a table into a LEGO table or even to create an entire LEGO wall.  

Check out more examples on the Creative QT customer creation page.

Do you have a fun way to display LEGO creations? 

This post is sponsored by Creative QT.


  1. I’m right there with you…there are SO SO SO many LEGO bricks floating around our home, but no complaints here either because LEGO bricks are such a great toy for kids of all ages. We also run into LEGO display problems all the time. There is never enough room to show off all of our children’s new creations and so we also turned to wall display! We turn our favorite LEGO Mocs into wall stickers and window clings, but now we’ll need to look into attaching baseplates to walls, too! Thanks for sharing!

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